MILAN – From Wednesday 14 November Roberto Saviano returns to meet protagonists and witnesses of the crime in prime time. The second season of “KINGS OF CRIME” is coming, produced by ZeroStories and ITV Moviefor Discovery Italia, broadcast from November 14, every Wednesday at 21:25 on NOVE . Three exclusive and unpublished interviews with the head of the Mala del Brenta Felice Maniero, the three children of the Maltese journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia, and the former FBI agent Joe Pistone, aka Donnie Brasco.La mala del Brenta Wednesday 14 November Saviano will kick off the second season of Kings of Crime with an interview with Felice Maniero, nicknamed “Angel Face”: for about twenty years he was the head of the criminal organization called ‘Mala del Brenta’, the only native northern mafia, which between the mid-1970s and the mid-1970s 90 terrorized the North-East with robberies, thefts, drug trafficking. In those years, no criminal could enter Veneto without the approval of Felice Maniero, who treated as equals with the most powerful bosses of the Cosa Nostra, Camorra and ‘Ndrangheta. Escaped from two maximum security prisons, convicted of mafia association and seven murders, Maniero was also known for his passion for the good life, spent among yachts and villas with swimming pools. In 1994 he decided to become a collaborator of justice, revealing the secrets of his organization and making many enemies. Today, after serving his sentence, he lives as a free man with a new identity. For the first time the former boss of the Brenta has decided to talk about himself in a long television interview in which he traces his entire life.The journalist killed by the mafia
Following, on November 21, the interview with the children of Daphne Caruana Galizia, killed by a car bomb in Malta on 16 October 2017. Daphne, 53, was the most famous Maltese investigative journalist and had been dealing with corruption for a long time. With her independent blog “Running Commentary” she had raised cases of possible corruption that also involved the top management of the Maltese government. In 2016 she was the first to reveal that the names of then Energy Minister Konrad Mizzi and Prime Minister Muscat’s chief of staff, Keith Schembri, appeared in the Panama Papers scandal. After touching the tale of money and power, she Daphne had started to be very isolated and exposed. They were subjected to threats, arson attacks, slaughtered her dogs, tried to stop her work by filing 47 civil and criminal lawsuits, froze her bank accounts. On October 16, a few hours before being torn apart by a bomb placed in her car, she wrote an article on her blog that ended like this: “There are corrupt everywhere you look now. The situation is desperate “. Her three children – Matthew, Andrew and Paul – are fighting for a serious and independent investigation to lead to the truth about Daphne’s murder and for her battles to live on and have a voice.Fbi, agent Donnie Brasco
Finally, Saviano interviews Joe Pistone, known worldwide as Donnie Brasco.The most famous FBI undercover agent in the United States, who joined the American Cosa Nostra in 1975 under the guise of the thug Donnie Brasco, spent six years undercover, first becoming the trusted man of the Colombo family and then of the Bonanno family. Before him, no agent had managed to infiltrate the American mafia system so deeply and reveal its hierarchies, mechanisms and affairs. His testimonies have led to the arrests and convictions of hundreds of Italian-American mobsters and the famous “Mafia Commission” and “Pizza Connection” maxi trials. His mission was memorable, to the point that after 9/11 the newspapers wrote that America needed a Donnie Brasco to infiltrate Al Qaeda. In 1981, at the end of the operation, when his true identity was revealed to the New York bosses, the mafia put a $ 500,000 bounty on his head which, to date, has not yet been withdrawn. His story was made famous also and above all by the film “Donnie Brasco”, for which Pistone worked as a consultant. In the film, directed by Mike Newell in 1997, Joe Pistone’s character was played by Johnny Depp. Today, former Special Agent Joe Pistone lives under a false identity in a secret location in the United States.
“KINGS OF CRIME” is a program by Roberto Saviano and Federica Campana, written with Luca Monarca and with the collaboration of Mariagiulia Bertucci and Silvia Righini. It is produced by Zerostories and ITV Movie for Discovery Italia. Editor: Raffaello Pavesi and Andrea Nori. Directed by Riccardo Struchil. Graphics and effects by Diego Boffelli and Raffaello Pavesi. Executive producer for Zerostories: Isabella Papagna.

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