Photo of fat tato. Wild nature, fairytale scenery, blue sea and pristine sand: the beaches, coves and itineraries that characterize the Reserve are jewels set among natural caves, oases of peace that, from north to south, embellish this pearl of beautiful Sicily .

Opening 2021 : after the devastating fire of 29 August 2020, the reserve is once again accessible and both entrances have been reopened, both the south (Scopello side) and the north (San Vito Lo Capo side).

Beaches and Coves

1 – Cala Tonnarella dell’Uzzo

This is the cove closest to the North entrance(San Vito Lo Capo). Often counted among the most beautiful beaches in Italy, it is the largest and most popular beach in the whole reserve. In the path that leads to the cove there is also the Museum of maritime activities.

How to get there : The cove is 500 m from the north entrance (6 min on foot) and 1.3 km from Cala Dell’Uzzo (18 min on foot) – Get directions

2 – Cala dell’Uzzo
Photo by Carlo Pelagalli. Sometimes confused with the more famous beach of Tonnarella, Cala dell’Uzzo is located a stone’s throw from the Grotta of the same name, which is one of the most interesting tourist attractions of the Reserve.

How to get: The cove is about 1.3 km from Cala Tonnarella dell’Uzzo (18 min on foot) and 1.4 km from Cala Marinella (22 min on foot) – Get directions

3 – Cala Marinella
Photo by Daniele Pugliesi. Beautiful but impervious, Cala Marinella is considered by tourists to be the most difficult to reach . The firm, however, is worth the “ticket price”.

How to get there : The cove is about 1.4 km from Cala dell’Uzzo (22 min walk) and about 1 km from Cala Beretta (18 min walk) – Get directions.

4 – Cala Berretta
Located in the central part of the Riserva dello Zingaro, the cove offers a fantastic panorama where you can relax and sunbathe on its small gravel and pebble beach. It was called by the fishermen “Cala di la birritta”, or “Cala del Berretto”, as the space for lowering the net was as small as a cap.

How to get there : The cove is about 1 km from Cala Marinella (18 min walk) and 350 meters from Cala Disa (5 min walk) – Get directions

5 – Cala della Disa
Photo by Daniele Pugliesi. A little further south of Cala Beretta, there is Cala della Disa, considered by tourists to be a small corner of Paradise on Earth. The cove is about 300 meters from Cala Beretta (5 min on foot) and 800 meters from Cala del Varo (15 min on foot)

.: The cove is about 300 meters from Cala Beretta (5 min on foot) and 800 meters from Cala del Varo (15 min on foot) – Get directions

6 – Cala del Varo
About a quarter of an hour’s walk from Cala della Disa , always continuing in a southerly direction, we find the “wild” Cala del Varo: a corner of peace and tranquility conquered after a beautiful but demanding trekking session. Nearby is a refuge open only in the summer months.

How to get there : La cala is about 800 meters from Cala del Disa (15 min walk) and 1.7 km from Cala Capreria (28 min walk) – Get directions

7 – Cala Capreria
Photo of fat tato. We could define it as the Sicilian version of Caribbean beaches. Cala Capreria conquers everyone for its “virginity”: beach, sea, flora and fauna, everything appears to the visitor as a small, large bay to be discovered.

This is the cove closest to the South entrance (Scopello / Castellammare del Golfo).

How to get there : The cove is 900 meters from the south entrance from Castellammare del Golfo (16 min walk) and 1.7 km from Cala del Varo (28 min walk) – Get directions to

Cala Grottazza and Cala Mazzo di Sciacca
There are other two wonderful beaches that are undoubtedly worth a visit, however these are not part of the Reserve despite the proximity, but they are located one north of the entrance of San Vito, and the other south of the entrance of Scopello, and are respectively Cala Grottazza and Cala Mazzo di Sciacca.

  • How to get there: Cala Grottazza is located 2.5 km from the north entrance and can be reached in 37 minutes on foot / 8 minutes by car (Get directions). Cala Mazzo di Sciacca is 1.5 km from the south entrance and can be reached in 22 minutes on foot / 6 minutes by car.
  • Services / beaches : They are both free, but Cala Mazzo di Sciacca also offers services such as car / motorbike parking (€ 1.00 per hour; € 5.00 for the whole day); kiosk; rental of umbrellas, deck chairs and sun loungers

1 – Cala Tonnarella dell’Uzzo

Cala Mazzo di Sciacca – Zingaro

Reserve Video in the Zingaro Reserve


Map and itineraries in the Reserve
The Reserve has two main entrances, one in Scopello (South) and the other in San Vito Lo Capo (North). The walking path between the two entry points is about 7 km long, but within the Reserve there are different itineraries that can be traveled. Here you will find all the information to visit the area and better appreciate its incredible natural beauty.

Coastal path – short

  • Starting point : South Entrance – Scopello
  • Arrival point : North Entrance – San Vito Lo Capo (also accessible in the opposite direction, from North to South)
  • Duration / Walking time : 2 hours (one way)
  • Distance / Length of the route : about 7 km

Route : the coastal route is undoubtedly the simplest route to take to visit the Riserva dello Zingaro, but this does not mean that it is less fascinating or full of attractions to see. The route includes, among other attractions, above all Punta Capreria and Tonnarella dell’Uzzo. This route can also be done with summer clothing (swimsuit and t-shirt), it is recommended only the use of closed shoes (not necessarily trekking shoes, sneakers are also good).

Half coast – medium route

  • Starting point : North entrance (San Vito Lo Capo)
  • Arrival point : Casa Forestale (C.da Uzzo)
  • Duration / Walking time : 3 hours
  • Distance / Length of the route : about 6 km

Route : the itinerary called half coast allows the tourist to go along the villages inside the Zingaro Reserve, which deserve an in-depth visit, thanks to the postcard-worthy rural scenery worthy of being photographed: among these, C.da Sughero and Borgo Cusenza.

High – long route

  • Starting point : North entrance (San Vito Lo Capo)
  • Arrival point : Main path near C.da Marinella
  • Duration / Journey time : approximately 7-8 hours
  • Distance / Length of the route : about 14 km

Route : long and arduous route, recommended only for trekking experts. The high itinerary will allow tourists to enter the reserve, crossing the Passo del Lupo and Speziale mountains, reaching the Sughero and Marinella districts. For this route we recommend trekking equipment (suitable shoes, long pants, GPS).

Boat Itinerary

  • Starting point : San Vito Lo Capo tourist pier
  • Arrival point : Scopello / Castellammare del Golfo
  • Duration / Travel time : about 4 hours
  • Distance / Length of the route : about 40 km

Route : the tour is ideal for discovering the coast and the main coves without the effort of crossing the Reserve on foot. This formula is also ideal for families.
You can start either from San Vito lo Capo or from Scopello / Castellammare del Golfo. These boat tours generally also include a small Sicilian aperitif with wine and snacks, sometimes even diving with an instructor to visit the Submerged Museum, an underwater archaeological path where there are finds from the period dating back to the II century BC.
Alternatively, it is also possible to rent a boat that does not require a boat license, with prices starting from € 120.00.
Some companies that offer these boat tours are:

How to get there
The Riserva dello Zingaro can be reached both from the north (San Vito lo Capo) and from the south (Scopello-Castellammare del Golfo).

  • From the north (from San Vito lo Capo) : Strada Statale 187 up to the crossroads for San Vito Lo Capo. From here, continue towards Villaggio Calampiso – Riserva Zingaro. The first cove you will reach will be Cala Tonnarella dell’Uzzo – Get directions
  • From the south (from Castellammare del Golfo) : A29 Palermo – Mazara del Vallo motorway, take the junction for Castellammare del Golfo; from here SS towards Trapani and follow the signs for Scopello; after the Tonnara di Scopello, park the car in the square of the Reserve and continue on foot. The first cove you will reach will be Cala Capreria – Get directions

Costs, timetables and useful information

  • Hours: The reserve is open from Monday to Sunday from 07:00 to 19:30.
  • Ticket price: € 5.00 full, € 3.00 reduced (children up to 14 years and conscripts), € 1.00 special (school groups). Visitors are required to keep the ticket for the duration of the visit.
  • Free : Free admission for over 65s, children under 10, law enforcement officers on duty.
  • Clothing : it is essential to bring comfortable and closed shoes to cross even the most inaccessible paths without problems (not necessarily for trekking, they are also good for gymnastics). Also wear a hat to protect yourself from the sun.
  • Equipment : the beaches are free, without services and above all very distant from each other, for this reason it is important to have a considerable supply of food and drinking water with you. Don’t forget your sunscreen.
  • Parking : there are two guarded car parks with a daily cost of about € 5.00. One at the North Entrance of San Vito lo Capo (Get directions) and one at the South entrance of Scopello (Get directions).
  • Contacts : Telephone (+39) 092435108 / Nucleo di Vigilanza: Tel / fax: (+39) 092435093 / Toll-free number: 800-116616

Where to sleep in the surroundings: refuges, hotels, campsites and b & b
Staying in full contact with the Riserva dello Zingaro is not difficult. There are numerous solutions based on your financial availability and the type of holiday you choose to make once you arrive on site. Furthermore, hotels and B & Bs have the inevitable comforts of modern life (Wi-fi free in the first place), without forgetting to respect man-nature contact, an essential combination in this area – compare the best accommodations on Booking

Along the trails it is possible stop and even stay overnight in shelters, well-organized bivouacs that are located along the path along the coast. They are available from October to May but it is necessary to ask the Reserve for permission in advance. Here are some indications for sleeping in shelters:

  • Availability : from October to May for no more than two nights
  • Cost : about € 10.00 per person per night
  • Characteristics : The refuges are almost two hours away from both entrances and far from the sea (they are in Contrada Sughero along the half-coast path). They are also devoid of toilets, drinking water, electricity, gas, heating and beds.
  • Authorizations : Management authorization required to be requested by filling in this form to be sent completed by email to [email protected]. A photocopy of a valid identity document must be attached to the form.
  • Most famous refuges : Falco refuge (Get directions), Biacco refuge (Get directions)
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