The National Police has arrested 55 young people for the robberies and disturbances that occurred last morning in the Parque de Oeste in Madrid, where some threw bottles and stones at the police, who ended up charging with smoke canisters and shots in the air without ammunition.
In these incidents, the Samur has treated nine people for assaults and various injuries, some of them by bottle and none of them police; another for a non-serious stab wound; ten for ethyl coma (three minors), and two girls for alleged sexual assaults, has reported Emergencies Madrid.
According to sources from the Madrid Police Headquarters, the intervention in the park, in which there were hundreds of young people, took place between approximately two and five in the morning and has so far resulted in 55 arrested for disorderly conduct. public, robbery with violence, attack against authority, riotous riot and damages. The majority, more than twenty, have been arrested for causing disorder, and at least twelve for robbery with violence, mostly for stealing cell phones from boys who were drinking with their group of friends.
Three young people, one of them a minor, were arrested for stoning a Municipal Police car. This is the second night in a row that incidents have been recorded in that place, since at dawn on Saturday 12 young people were also arrested in the same park, near the Moncloa Metro, in the course of drinking bottles in which there were robberies and some altercation.
Both Saturday morning and Sunday morning, the command center called CECOR, directed by the superior chief, Jorge Manuel Marti, was launched at the Superior Police Headquarters in Madrid, and in which those responsible for the Judicial Police and of Citizen Security.
From there they could see the images reported by a helicopter with a thermal camera, which made it possible to discern groups of young people and even identify those who had committed a crime.
Police sources have detailed that since early last night, Saturday, hundreds of young people gathered in the park and dozens of plainclothes policemen were guarding the area, in addition to the uniformed troops that were in the vicinity.
After one o’clock in the morning several robberies were perpetrated and in addition some young people threw bottles into the air and aggressions were recorded, so it was decided that the Police Intervention Unit (UIP or anti-riot) would enter to calm the situation. Around that time a group came to stone a camouflaged Municipal Police car.
But around four in the morning, disorder began again and several groups of young people threw bottles and stones at the police, then fled to an area with more difficult access so as not to be identified. Agents from the UIP and the Prevention and Reaction Unit (UPR) followed them until there, who, given the attitude of the young people, used riot gear such as smoke canisters and salvos (shots into the air, without ammunition).
The sources have specified that the intervention was necessary due to the danger of the situation and that there were no injuries as a result of it, although there could have been previously due to previous fights and attacks. Emergencies Madrid has reported that the Samur treated nine people for assaults and various injuries, some as a result of the bottle and none police.
He also treated a man wounded by a knife on Isaac Peral street, near the park, who was transferred to the Clinical Hospital with a reserved prognosis, as well as two women for alleged sexual assaults. The emergency physicians also took care of ten cases of alcohol coma, three of them minors.
On the other hand, during the early morning there have been no incidents in other areas of the capital, or at the parties in the Pilar neighborhood, where the night has been quiet, as well as in the Berlin park, although a increase in bottles compared to Saturday morning, according to sources from the Madrid Municipal Police.
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