Pain in the right flank is extremely common in the population and is among those that most frequently cause alarm among patients, who often, especially during the acute phases of these pains, also try the emergency room.
Behind the pain in the right side, different types of problems can be hidden, sometimes worrying, other times temporary and not linked to specific pathological conditions.
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Let’s see together what there is to know about it, when it is necessary to worry about any pain in the right side, when to contact the doctor, when to undertake to continue a diagnostic process aimed at identifying the causes.
We will also talk about the specific localization of pain in the right side : upper , lower , back , under the rib , in the posterior area and during pregnancy , being precisely an area of ​​the body that involves different organs and therefore numerous potential situations that can cause it.

The Pain in the Upper Right Side: What it can be
What can be the causes of a pain in the upper right side
It is the superficial area that corresponds to the location of the liver, therefore numerous pathological conditions affect this organ.
In the upper right quadrant of the abdominal cavity, the most important organ is the liver and when the pains are concentrated in this specific area of ​​the body it is precisely in him that we should be interested.
When the pain affects the liver , it is felt mainly under the terminal ribs , although often, especially in the case in which the pain is very strong, this could also radiate to the surrounding areas.
There are several causes that can lead to the development of liver pain. Let’s see the most important ones together.

There are different forms of hepatitis, which can have different origins and also more or less bad evolutions. However, any type of hepatitis can cause liver pain.
In the case of hepatitis, the pain in the right side is generally also accompanied by jaundice, or the yellow color of the complexion / skin.

Cases of liver cancer Cancers
that attack the liver system can also be a source of pain. In this case, however, the number of symptoms becomes much more varied and generally also includes:

  • stiffness of the abdomen;
  • bloated feeling;
  • persistent feeling of fatigue;
  • lack of appetite;
  • significant weight loss, even following a normal diet.

Fatty liver disease The hepatic steatosis is a disease in the development of which the liver becomes enlarged, due to the accumulation, both on the outside and on the inside, of fat. In severe cases it can also be responsible for pain.
However, it is a condition that can be substantially improved simply by changing and correcting one’s lifestyle.

There are several types of cirrhosis, although the course is still relatively common and generally the same symptoms occur. When the patient suffers from cirrhosis, there will be not only the presence of pain, but also of jaundice and abdominal swelling.

Pain in the Upper Right Flank: it can also be the gallbladder
In the right upper quadrant of the abdomen we find not only the liver, but also the gallbladder or gallbladder . This organ can also be a source of pain , especially if there is the presence of stones.
Stones of the gallbladder have important effects on food metabolism and an absence of bile in sufficient measure can manifest itself first of all, as well as with the pain in the right side, also with alterations in the coloration of the stool.

Pain in the right flank during sexual intercourse
Sometimes, and is mainly the case in women, pain in the right flank can occur during intercourse. In this case the pain can be caused by several conditions:

  • pelvic inflammatory disease: it is a bacterial infection that affects the female genital system. In addition to pain, which is felt mainly during sexual intercourse, it can generally lead to irregularities in the menstrual cycle, as well as particularly odorous vaginal discharge. In the event that the infection is particularly acute, fever may also occur;
  • endometriosis: in this case the uterine tissue has instead developed outside the uterus and can cause severe pain, both during menstruation and when stressed, such as during sexual intercourse.

In any case, the pain in the right side felt during sexual intercourse must be immediately reported to the gynecologist, who will perform the necessary tests to identify the source of the problem and direct the patient towards a therapy that is adequate for overcoming the one or the other. ‘other problem.

Pain in the Lower Right Side: the causes
When the pain occurs in the right side , but in the lower quadrant , we may be faced with problems that mainly affect the intestine.

Pain in the lower right quadrant of the abdomen can be associated in a good number of cases with appendicitis. Statistically it affects 10% of the population, generally between 10 and 30 years, although it is not excluded that it occurs earlier, or later.
The pain generally starts from the area near the navel, and then moves, in minutes or hours, to the lower part of the right side. The pain also worsens significantly with pressure and over time.
In this case it is necessary to intervene in a timely manner and go to an emergency room, where the medical staff will identify the extent of the inflammation and any countermeasures, which may also include surgery.

Less frequent problems
There are also problems that, however, are more rarely able to cause pain in the right side . We list them for completeness, in order to really give you a guide to all the potential problems that can cause this type of pain.

affects the upper right quadrant, just below the liver. All pathologies affecting this organ, whether they are inflammatory or not, can cause pain, even significant, in the right side. Pain can also be a sign of a tumor.

Stones in the right kidney
The accumulations of crystals, which can reach a considerable size, can also affect only one of the two kidneys. In the event that they affect only the right one, the pains can obviously present themselves, even if we should still feel it coming from the back area of ​​the side and radiate up to the back .

In pregnancy it is quite normal to suffer from this type of problem due to the enlargement of the abdominal cavity. Generally, very severe pain due to the pressure of the baby occurs in the last months of gestation.
However, it must be remembered that during the third trimester of pregnancy the chances of onset of cholestasis gravidarum increase, which can sometimes cause pain in the right side .

What to do in case of pain in the side In the event that pains in the right side
are felt, even with some insistence, it will be advisable to rely on a doctor and above all to follow what will be the diagnostic path identified by him. Without a diagnosis, it is impossible to trace the causes that led to the development of the pain and at the same time there is no possibility of going to treat them.
Given the possibility that some rather serious pathologies are also involved, it is absolutely not necessary to formulate self-diagnosis, nor to proceed with independent / do-it-yourself treatments.
Especially if the pain is persistent, acute and disabling, the doctor must be immediately informed.
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