The Realme Watch 2 is the reissue of the cheapest smartwatch in the Chinese brand’s catalog. Compared to its predecessor, the main changes are, apart from a slight change in the design of the box, the expansion of the list of sports that can be monitored (up to 90) and the battery , which is now almost twice as large and allows week and a half of intensive use.
However, it is still the most affordable watch from Realme, so if you are looking for advanced functions such as GPS , you have to go for the Watch 2 Pro and, if the sport you want to monitor is swimming, it will be necessary to purchase the Watch S Pro(with which, in addition, we would wear stainless steel and not plastic on the wrist).
Does that mean that the Realme Watch 2 is a bad product

Of course not, but when checking out you have to keep in mind that it is a device halfway between smart bracelets and truly smart watches.


The Realme Watch 2 has a 1.4-inch square touch screenand 320 x 320 resolution. The case, with generous frames around the screen, measures 25.7 x 35.7 x 12.2 millimeters and is installed on a 22-millimeter silicone strap that can be replaced with a compatible one if we want give the watch another look or simply find a more comfortable one (this one is a bit stiff at first; it softens over time but can be hot).
The device weighs 38 grams , so, strap aside, we will not even notice that we are wearing it. Of course, it is convenient to take it off to swim or shower , because its IP68 certification protects it from splashes of water (or sweat) but not from immersion.
It has a physical button on the right side(the most operative is to wear the watch on the left wrist) which is used to activate/turn off both the screen (a touch) and the watch (leaving it pressed). Unless the option to wake up when we raise our arm is enabled, it is the only way to turn on the screen, it cannot be done with a double tap on it.
Although we did not test the Realme Watch and therefore cannot compare both models, the Watch 2 screen offers very good quality, both in terms of display and tactile response.


It incorporates a 315 mAh battery that according to the company allows up to 12 daysof use. That, of course, if the continuous heart rate measurement options are not used and the connection with the phone’s GPS is not abused. Then it goes down to nine or ten days, a figure that is still very interesting.
To charge it, as in other devices in this segment, it includes some pins at the bottom (where the heart rate and oxygen sensors are) that connect to the charging base. Promotional video of the Realme

Watch 2 watch Features
The Watch 2 has its own operating system and connects to the phone (iOS and Android) with the Realme Link application.

There we can configure the clock, change the screen design, access our activity and health records or select which of the 90 sports modes that it offers we want to use on the clock.
From the home screen of the Watch 2 we can, by sliding to the left, see the steps taken, calories burned or exercise performed. Swiping again we get to screens with the pulse, time or music player controls.
Making the movement to the right we see another screen with a few quick settings such as brightness, do not disturb mode, energy saving mode or if we want the screen to turn on when we raise our arms. We can also customize the main screen, the waiting time for the automatic shutdown, the intensity of the vibration, the notifications…
As far as the notifications are concerned , we can read them (or at least part of the content), but not send messages or answer phone calls.
Back on the home screen, by sliding down we will see the notifications and, by doing it up, we access the main menu of the Realme Watch 2, in which we have these applications :
Activity: steps, calories burned, exercise, distance traveled…
Heart rate measurement.
Blood oxygen measurement: It does not work automatically, you have to start it every time you want to measure it.
sleep statistics.
Exercise: Supports only ten sports at a time, which we must select from the 90 available in the Realme Link application.
Sport history.
Music Control: Works with most music apps, including Spotify for example.
Control of the mobile camera: You have to activate the option on the phone to be able to use the clock as a trigger.
Meditation: Simple breathing exercises.
Find my phone.
Realme Link: Synchronization with the phone for configuration or to operate other brand devices from the watch.

Health and sports

In this section, which is key for this type of device, the Realme Watch 2 complies with the basic elements , both for what it incorporates and for its operation.
The watch has a three-axis accelerometer , heart rate sensor and blood oxygen sensor.As we have said above, the pulse measurement is continuous throughout the day (if we configure it that way; it is possible to establish intervals of between five and 30 minutes for these measurements) but the oxygen measurement must be activated manually. Both sensors, compared to devices from other brands, have provided us with records of similar precision.
In the activity log section, the clock allows you to count steps taken, calories burned, exercise time and the hours that we have remained active during the day. There are also inactivity alerts and the aforementioned breathing exercises.
As far as sleep monitoring is concerned , it can measure sleep time (in stages) and record heart rate while we sleep.
Of the 14 sports modes compatible with its predecessor, the Realme Watch 2 goes to 90 (from the Realme Link app we must select which ones we want to use so that they appear on the watch). This option allows us to record what types of exercises we do , for how long and what our pulse has been while doing it.
There are modes in which it offers more monitoring options, such as running, walking or cycling (yes, to record the routes followed with GPS you have to carry your phone with you), which the watch detects automatically, although we can select them manually in case necessary.

Is it worth it

As we pointed out at the beginning, the Realme Watch 2 is a more complete device than an activity bracelet but not as advanced as a less economical smartwatch.
It is a watch with an interesting price (officially 54.99 euros, although offers can be found) that includes the basic ingredients that are sought in this type of product (activity and health sensors, remote controls for the camera or music… ) and that also work very well on this watch.
The Realme Watch is, in short, an ideal device for those looking to monitor their daily activity but also go a little further. Of course, if you want/need GPS, the ability to answer calls and other notifications from the clock and a sophisticated design, you will have to make a larger outlay.
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(*The device was loaned by Realme for a two-week trial)

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