The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic is the premium model of the latest series of smartwatches from the South Korean brand. Compared to the most basic model (with more discreet dimensions and a more sporty style), called Galaxy Watch 4 to dry, the Classic option looks more like a traditional watch (high-end, that is), with a robust construction and a bezel framing the screen that can be rotated to navigate through the menus.
In addition to having several colors, users can choose between two screen sizes (42 and 46 millimeters) and LTE or Bluetooth connectivity .
The unit we have tested is a 46-millimeter Watch 4 Classic, which for someone with a thin wrist and not used to heavy watches, as is our case, is not the most comfortable option. We must say that in the presentation of the devices we were able to try the Watch 4 version dry and if we found it very comfortable. Fans of larger and heavier watches will have no problem with this one we are reviewing.


As we have noted, the Watch 4 Classic is a solid watch, with a stainless steel main body to which different straps can be attached. It has a thick profile, especially for that rotating bezel that is reminiscent of non-intelligent watches and that, by protruding slightly around the screen, serves to protect it from possible shocks.
the screen, by the way, offers great definition and sharpness, as well as vivid colors and a powerful brightness that even resists sunlight.
It has two physical buttons , on the right side, one to go to the home screen and another for monitoring physical activity. If both are pressed at the same time, you access the measurement of body composition , a new function that we will talk about below.


This series is the first with the new Wear OS operating system , designed by Samsung in collaboration with Google, and also carries the One UI Watch interface .
The Wear OS platform allows access to the most popular applications from both Samsung and Google, as well as many other entertainment and fitness services.
Apart from the fact that the list of apps that we can install on the watch has been considerably expanded, the system allows us to configure a multitude of accesses to them in the form of cards, so that navigation between services is even more comfortable and faster; it is even more so, in our opinion, if you use the bezel (apart from the bezel you can navigate between menus with the usual finger swipe across the screen).
With One UI Watch, compatible apps are automatically installed on the watch when downloaded to the phone, and settingsImportant things like do not disturb times and blocked calls are synced right away.
In addition, the Auto Switch feature allows Galaxy device users to switch the audio received by the Galaxy Buds between the phone and the watch.


Although it is true that the design of the watch itself admits few customization possibilities (although the straps can give a plus here), it is more than compensated with the almost infinite ways of adapting the screen to the taste of each user, with dial designs , background images, most used applications…
To all this is added that, in the latest software update, Samsung has incorporated improvements in four of theavailable areas :

Info Brick: With the statistics that each user wants, from heart rate and stress to the status of daily activity. You can choose a detailed weather forecast watch face, a basic dashboard, or wallpapers inspired by the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3, all of which are customizable.

Animals: Up to four features or charms can now be combined to display on this watch face, from battery life to reminders, messages, step count and more.

My Photo+: Users can, in addition to static photos, use a moving GIF in this sphere.

Steps Challenge:New animations for this sphere, which allows you to keep track of the number of steps and be motivated with the challenge.

Gesture controls

The watch supports Samsung’s voice assistant, Bixby , and also includes a few gesture controls for some of the most common actions, like moving your forearm up and down twice to take calls or turning your wrist. twice to reject them and dismiss notifications and alarms.
In the last software update, one more has been released, to quickly activate an application or a function. With a “knock, knock” with the wrist, we can open a preselected application, the training list, turn on a light or create a reminder.


Among the novelties that this Galaxy Watch 4 incorporates with respect to its predecessors is the BioActive sensor , a three-in-one sensor that uses a single chip to manage an optical heart rate sensor, an electrical heart rate sensor and bioelectrical impedance ( blood pressure, irregular heartbeat and blood oxygen level) and, for the first time, calculate body composition.
This last function provides key measurements of muscle mass, basal metabolic rate, body water and percentage of body fat.

fall detection
It is not a novelty, since Samsung installed it for the first time in its watches last year, but it only detected if we had fallen while exercising. What is new is that in the Galaxy Watch 4 (Classic or not) we can adjust the sensitivity so that it detects falls even if we are standing still . Additionally, you can send a distress notification to four pre-selected contacts.

Physical exercise

The watch has three basic exercise modes that can be accessed from the main menu (walk, run, bike) and another ten that can be accessed from the secondary menu on the watch itself.
If we don’t find our favorite activity in that selection, in the Samsung Health application there are a myriad of options that we can add to the clock.
The watch monitors the basic parameters of any training (time, speed, altitude, heart rate, calories burned…), in addition to tracking our location via GPS.

In summary

We already pointed out at the beginning that this model will be more comfortable for those who have somewhat thicker wrists and are used to watches of a good size and weight.
For our taste, the Watch 4 is more pleasant, but the truth is that in experience they are quite similar and the benefits of one can be applied to the other. Of course, the rotating physical bezelIt is only available in this Classic.
The watch is very powerful and complete and thanks to the new operating system and the platform created by Samsung and Google it can be done with almost everything.
The screen is excellent, the sensors work very well (we haven’t tested the drop sensor; we didn’t need it and it wasn’t tempting fate either) and the measurements they offer (health, sleep quality, exercise) are spot on.

(*The device was provided by Samsung for a one-month trial)

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