Physics or Chemistry , one of the most remembered teen series in the history of Spanish fiction, returns this Sunday, as a miniseries, to Atresplayer Premium.The Atresmedia payment platform will premiere a two-episode special on two consecutive Sundays in which the long-awaited reunion of its leading actors will take place.

FoQ: The reunion will reveal to viewers what has happened to its main characters throughout all these years. Yoli’s wedding will be the event that brings together Zurbaran’s companions. The series, broadcast on Antena 3 between 2008 and 2011, told very closely and in a revolutionary way, without mincing words, what many young people of the time thought and worried about, who were identified with the stories and characters of fiction, which made it a benchmark since its television premiere. To refresh the memory of the viewers, let’s remember who each character was and how their outcome was.

Andrea Duro (Yoli) Yolanda Freire Carballar (Yoli) was called the “polygon slut”, disparagingly, because of the freedom with which she faced her sexuality. She dated Isaac (Paula’s brother) until shortly before her death. Also with Quino, with Julio and with Roman. She suffered two rapes and the tragic death of her best friend Fer de Ella (Javier Calvo). In the series finale, Yoli began dating Salva.

Angie (Paula)At the beginning of the series, Paula liked Cabano (Maxi Iglesias) but her first boyfriend was Jan (Andres Cheung). He ended up cheating on her and they broke their relationship. He began a relationship with Cabano and his threesome with Alma was one of the most remembered moments. Finally, Paula ends up with Gorka, with whom she becomes pregnant. They break up when he disappears, not wanting to assume his responsibility as a father. Later, Paula and Gorka reconcile and leave the series together, claiming that she is going to start a tour as a singer.

Maxi Iglesias (Cabano)Cabano is the high school flirt. His romance with Ruth (Ursula Corbero) is already the history of Spanish fiction. After breaking up with Ruth, he begins an affair with Paula and a polyamorous relationship with her and Alma (Sandra Blazquez), which ends up causing everything to end badly. After overcoming testicular cancer, Cabano is signed by an English soccer team, which is why his departure from the series was explained. In the outcome, it was learned that he resumed his relationship with Ruth.

Sandra Blazquez (Alma)Alma arrived at the Zurbaran hiding something very serious about her past: she was in a reform school for having participated in the death of a girl. Alma got in the way of Cabano and Paula’s relationship and starred with them in the famous trio. Later, she hooked up with Roque (her teacher) and began other romances with Quino and Alvaro. Alma decided to become a prostitute to earn the money she needed to go to study in the United States. In the series finale, despite being granted a scholarship to study in America, she decides to give it up to take care of Alvaro, who was hospitalized for steroid abuse.

Adam Jezyerski (Gorka)Gorka is a conflictive student and is always in trouble. At the beginning of the fiction, he is Ruth’s boyfriend, but ends up going out with Paula, whom he impregnates when neither of them wanted it. He disappeared for a while after being accused of drugging a classmate at a party. However, he returns for the birth of his son. Finally, he reveals to Paula that he decided to leave because her mother was making life impossible for him. They reconcile and leave together as she begins a singing career.

Eleanor Martin (Cova)Covadonga Ariste Espinel (Cova) is the class delegate, environmentalist and hippie. Always champion lost causes. She starts dating Ruben, but ends up with Julio. After several seasons, he goes to Alicante to live with his parents. After a while, Cova returns for the birth of Paula’s son and resumes her courtship with Julio. Finally, they go together to live in Alicante.

Andres Cheung (Yan) Jan Taeming was bullied by Gorka and Cabano. He was Paula’s first boyfriend until her parents forced him to marry her cousin in order to obtain residency papers. Jan cheats on Paula, which is why they break up and he is forced to go to China.

Javier Calvo (Fer)Fernando Redondo Ruano (Fer) is homosexual and after falling in love with Ruben and Julio, without being reciprocated since they were both heterosexual, he began a courtship with a boy named Hugo. However, the great love of her life was David, with whom she starred in numerous comings and goings. Finally, Fer is shot dead after a classmate, fed up with the bullying he was suffering, stood up at school with a shotgun.

Adrian Rodriguez (David)David Ferran is one of Julio’s best childhood friends. Through him he meets Fer and although he thought he was heterosexual, he begins to feel attracted to him. Although he tries to repress his desires, he ends up having a relationship with Fer that at first he tried to hide. After several comings and goings, he admits to Fer that he is actually bisexual. In the series finale, Fer appears (in the form of a ‘spirit’ after his death) to give himself a hug with which he implies that his love will be eternal.

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