Ten years have passed since the Castillo Rey family had a happy ending. But life goes on and the passage of time, destiny and an unknown event that was discovered in this new stage of the series, kept separating them. Now, a serious threat hangs over them , a fact that will bring them together to overcome a new mission. The protected ones: The return , returns precisely today, openly, on Antena 3 , after going through Atresplayer Premium . Ana Fernandez (Sandra) and Luis Fernandez (Culebra) return. Let’s remember: Sandra was the first to leave Valleperdido. He couldn’t get his thing to work with Culebra. Once she found a place to hide, she gave birth to Dora , Culebra’s daughter. For its part, Culebra has become a broker. He develops a successful career thanks to his power, which allows him to sneak into confidential meetings and anticipate everyone with that information. The protected ones: The return premieres today its second chapter in Atresplayer Premium and on Sunday the 12th, chapter 3, while the last episode will be available on the 19th.

–How has the return of the series The protected ones been after a decade
–Luis Fernandez: The emotion does not fit in our chest. We are very excited, happy to play our characters again. The reunion with all the companions has been special and of course with the public that is very faithful to Los proteges. This has been shown to us for all these years and now with the return of the series it could not be less. We are delighted with the reception we have had at the previews, at the Palacio de la Prensa and at Kinepolis.
–Ana Fernandez: I cannot explain it to you. It has been such a great emotion…
Trailer for ‘The protected. The return’

–What will be the new plots of the series in this return

–Luis: The new plot revolves around helping us and finding Dora. That is our purpose and we are going to achieve it.

–After so much time apart, Mario, the character played by Antonio Garrido, will reunite the family…

–Ana: ​​Mario acts as glue. There is always someone in the family who organizes the Christmas dinner and cares that no detail is missing. That role is played by Mario to perfection.
–Luis: Yes, he will be the one who gets us into trouble again.

–How have the characters evolved in this time jump that the series has given
–Luis: Yes, they have evolved for the better in many cases. For example, Lucas is now a pianist, we have a job, everyone has their life apart from the Castillo family because they haven’t been together. Culebra works as a broker, Sandra is a mother. Carlitos is one hell of a guy. We have all evolved and above all things happen to us that did not happen before due to the mere fact of being apart for so long.
–Ana: ​​Carlitos is no longer Carlitos. Now it’s Carloto, he slaps you and sends you away (laughs).

-Culebra has become a successful person in the world of work…
–Luis: He is a successful broker because he has the possibility of accessing sites where others do not enter. But, it’s cheating. He will never stop cheating, he always has, it’s his way of being. He has evolved for the better in the sense that he has a prestigious job.

–A new threat hangs over the Castillo. Will it be more complicated to deal with than the ones you had during the first stage of the series

Luis: The problem is that Dora has been kidnapped and we are going to try to find her. Even so, at the beginning there were more plots and subplots and it was more complicated than now. Here the main plot is to find Dora and we are going to focus all our efforts on that mission.

–The series maintains the main protagonists and incorporates new characters on their return. How has the reception been from the veterans

Luis: There aren’t many new characters. But we have welcomed all of them very well and they have felt comfortable from the first moment, mind you, unless they say otherwise that we killed them (laughs).

–What will Culebra and Sandra’s relationship be like after so many years apart and without contact

–Luis: Very complicated. We tell each other more serious things because things have happened that have hurt us.
–Ana: ​​It will be like in the first stage, but more mature and with more life experience on the part of both characters, both are the same, but they have evolved with age.

–If you could get into the role of the writers of the series. What would you change about your characters

–Luis: That he be more communicative with the people he loves. Let him say everything he feels, because it has been shown that when Culebra does, he does better in life.
Ana: I wouldn’t change anything. Sandra is fine just the way she is.

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