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Giving a coat of paint to the walls is a fast and low-cost technique to revolutionize the living area. If you don’t know which shades to choose, we offer you 6 elegant and trendy color combinations, get inspired and find the right palette for you!
HOUZZ | INTRO INRED White, black and wood
Those who do not like excesses but want a refined and trendy living area can opt for this color combination. The white on the walls offers the perfect background on which to indulge yourself with white, black and wooden furnishings : these are the only colors allowed. The result is an extremely elegant dining room with a Scandinavian soul .
HOUZZ | Linda AhmanShades of green
Green has been very popular in the world of interior design lately. Fascinating and intense, it is ideal for decorating the living area with taste, especially if declined in the velvety shades of forest green and bottle green . The walls can be painted in a solid color or by creating a mix of two color shades that complement each other in harmony. Even the furnishings will take up these shades, for example you can insert green chairs around the dining table or a velvet upholstery in the relaxation area. For a tone-on-tone effect, it is better to avoid adding too many colors, but limit yourself to a few points of white and grayor – for those who prefer contrasts – red, yellow or pink .
HOUZZ | Georg Jensen Dark Blue
This proposal is ideal if the space is large and has good natural light , because dark colors tend to visually make the rooms smaller. But if the square meters are not a problem, the intense blue on the walls gives a background of great charm . The possible combinations are infinite and vary according to the style you want to achieve: for example earth tones (brown, rust, sand …) for a modern style, mustard yellow for more contemporary and current environments, silver detailsfor a classic and elegant dining room.
HOUZZ | Ceramiche Supergres Tortora Timeless
and sophisticated, dove gray (a shade of gray that takes its name from the feathers of the birds of the same name) has always been one of the most popular colors for the living area. Being a neutral color, it is very versatile and lends itself to various stylistic choices. Sometimes, however, it can be anonymous, to revive it, therefore, to furnishings and accessories with decisive tones and a strong design. The most interesting combinations arise from the combination with black , lacquered furniture and some metallic details .
HOUZZ | Guillaume GrassetWhite, black and a bright color
You have a black & white dining room and you don’t know how to give it a new look
If the Scandinavian proposal with wood is not to your taste, try adding a strong color: a wall painted in shades of red bright, bright green or blue will revolutionize the room with a breath of fresh air. For the materials choose light wood, oak or bamboo, and marble for a luxurious effect.
HOUZZ | Scott Weston Architecture Design PL Marsala & Co.
Red, in its intense and compact shades such as marsala, pomegranate, burgundy and marc , lends itself to elegant compositions and intense contrasts, especially in the living area. To choose forone or more walls, even with imaginative wallpapers , however, require a precise furnishing project to avoid confusion or dizzying environments. The most interesting combinations are born with white, dark wood essences or powder pink.

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