The quarantine period forced the Italians to stay indoors for a long time, leading them to devote themselves to some activities to which before they could not give the right attention. Among these is home care : there are many people who have implemented real revolutions in their homes , not only cleaning far and wide or rearranging their wardrobes, but also making changes to the various environments , eliminating things deemed superfluous and adding new ones. The reasons for which these operations are carried out are many: the boredom of the moment is undoubtedly one of these, but also the desire to convey a sense of a difficult period, starting from the things over which it is possible to have control because they are materially around us.
One of the most exploited areas
One of the environments that can undergo the most upheavals of all in this historical phase is the bathroom . The thing could be curious, and with reason: until not many decades ago, this space of the house was not considered of great importance in everyday life. Furthermore, it was often a small room where only the sanitary ware and the strictly necessary furnishing objects were placed, and certainly the bathtub was a privilege that few could enjoy. However, the role of the bathroom began to take center stage in the post-modern era: the frenetic rhythms of everyday life have pushed people to carve out moments of tranquility that often find themselves in this place, winking at the spaces set up to ensure full comfort and functionality . The aesthetic aspect of the matter should also not be forgotten : presenting oneself at its best is no longer something that concerns only the physical aspect of a person, but also what surrounds him, seen as the extension of his personality and his tastes . The bathroom falls fully into this category: having a modern furniture has now become a must to give the right honor to this area of ​​the house.
Modern pieces of furniture
Whether the space is large or small, it doesn’t matter: there are infinite solutions to furnish your bathroom in a modern style, moreover it must be considered a fundamental rule to be respected, that is, you must avoid overloading the environment: minimalism is what you need to aim for. .
The bathroom fixtures are the first thing to think about: to give a touch of modernity it is necessary to opt for white , with clean and square shapes , perhaps with rounded edges. In demand are suspended models , which give a sense of lightness and simplicity. As for the sink, the sinuous shapes are the most in vogue: to obtain a high level of refinement, an external model in porcelain is recommended , to be placed above a chest of drawers.
The shower is an element that is privileged in small rooms for obvious spatial reasons, even if there are more compact bathtubs that can also be inserted in the corners. To separate the shower from the rest of the room, a glass box is ideal. able to give brightness to the room. Tall plates are out of the question: better low-height or floor-level ones.
The tapsin general, it must be shiny or opaque steel, while in the shower it is possible to insert highly technological accessories with which it is possible to measure the temperature of the water or perform chromotherapy.
The accessories of a modern bathroom
The impossibility of being able to leave the house raises the problem of not being able to completely renovate the bathroom, so it will take time to implement the previous advice, in the meantime a deadlock is the right time to get some help. ideas.
A few tricks are enough to clearly change the way this place presents itself, as the Colombo bathroom accessories highlight. Thanks to their aesthetic impact and their functionality, accessoriesthey know how to get noticed, rushing to help in the daily operations that are carried out in this area of ​​the house. A washbasin set is essential to keep everything you need under hand and stored in an orderly manner, in which to insert the soaps, liquid soap and toothbrushes. The choice for this object will depend on the style of the rest of the bathroom, both in terms of shapes and color. Other accessories can be the toilet brush , inserted in a steel cylinder that composes a structure also having a vertical rod with a horizontal support in which to insert the toilet paper roll, and the towel rails ., also in steel: a model could be that consisting of a vertical rod that is divided into two / three horizontal rods on which to place the towels. Furniture
are not the chosen accessories when it comes to a modern bathroom: shelves have the best because they take up little space, but if necessary, it is possible to opt for suspended cabinets .
Finally, a mirror illuminated by spotlights cannot be missing , to allow a perfect view of one’s reflection and give brightness to the surrounding environment.

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