You have to renovate the kitchen and give it a new style, but you can’t or don’t want to spend big bucks
. Don’t worry: just a few elements are enough to do it at a very low cost, like, for example, changing wallpaper . Let’s see how to do it!
Spring is the best time to renovate the rooms of the house: thanks to the arrival of summer, we all want to renew ourselves starting from the rooms of our house, where we spend more and more time. But what to do if there is very little money available Wallpaper: it takes very little to renovate the kitchen
Wallpaper is a perfect ally to renew the look of your kitchenin an economical and fast way. It is a solution that does not involve large costs and does not require a lot of time to be implemented and completed in the best possible way. It is cheaper and easier to install than replacing tiles or painting walls with particular colors or patterns.
You can dedicate a weekend to this work or take advantage of it during the days of holidays or when you are on vacation. It will take a couple of days or so, depending, of course, on the size of your kitchen and your DIY skills.
Now let’s move on to the most important question: which wallpaper to choose
Here are some tips! 3D effect wallpaper
Forget the old ’70s patterns or vintage textures: the wallpaper follows the latest trends of the moment offering us a wide range of modern solutions that will give an extremely modern touch to every corner of the house, including the kitchen!
Three – dimensional wallpaper , for example, is perfect for creating an optical effect that will make your kitchen look bigger. You can choose geometric patterns, abstract patterns with a trompe l’oeil effect or compositions that alternate wide and thin lines.
They will give a sense of depth to the wall, giving the feeling that the spaces are wider. Back to the past in a modern
way Although we have seen how it is possible to adopt a modern solution with 3D wallpaper, know that thevintage is back in fashion and it is possible to renew your kitchen by choosing patterns with a slightly more retro taste.
You can choose between wildflowers , prints reminiscent of mosaics or majolica, horizontal stripes or geometric decorations. These patterns, when combined with modern and minimal furniture, will create a nice contrast that will make your kitchen look like new, but without having to revolutionize everything!
In addition, wildflowers are also ideal for the shabby chic style, very fashionable in recent years.
Another “return to the past”, but in a more modern way, is the choice of wallpaper with fruit printsexotic, citrus, baskets reminiscent of the composition of paintings with still life. If you are afraid that a pattern of this type could excessively weigh down the final effect, combine it with neutral colors.
Finally, a tip: if you want to renovate the kitchen but don’t want to “overdo it”, you can choose to allocate the wallpaper to only one wall, the one you want to enhance: the ideal is to highlight the coffee corner , now present in every kitchen. Choose a coffee-themed decorated paper or similar patterns to enhance this area of ​​your kitchen, thus giving a new style to the whole room.

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