He speaks seven languages ​​(Italian, English, German, French, Spanish, Russian and Catalan), has 200,000 followers on Instagram and already had experience on Spanish television, since in 2011 he collaborated on the program Much to lose, little to gain, presented by Anabel Alonso in La Sexta, a channel to which she has returned this year with the help of Zapeando.
Renata Zanchi is an Italian top model , graduated in Linguistic and Cultural Mediation from the University of Milan, who became last September the first international signing of the program presented by Dani Mateo. After finding success walking catwalks around the planet, the 38 -year-old model, “addicted to the world of fitness and a healthy lifestyle” – as she defines herself on her website – decided to try her luck in the world of television.
Renata Zanchi’s career began in the world of fashion.At just 14 years old , she made her debut as a model for several magazines, such as Vanity Fair, and at 15 she stepped onto the prestigious Milan catwalk. At that time, she was named Newcomer Model of The Year, accrediting her as the best newcomer in the sector at that time.
After his foray into La Sexta with Anabel Alonso, Zanchi coincided with Dani Mateo in El Intermedio international edition,although this work of his went almost unnoticed due to the low audiences that the program garnered on weekends on the Atresmedia network.
After her television debut in Spain, she moved to the United States, where she found work as a collaborator on ESPN, a channel dedicated to sports.
Currently, in this second stage in our country, she is in charge of a section of Zapeando quite far from what the space has accustomed to its followers, since the collaborator talks about music.
Throughout six months playing this role, the Italian model has had time to talk about many topics related to current music, but it was an intervention about the One Direction group that made her go viral.
After the comments of several of Zapeando’s table companions, the boyband’s fans took their statements badly. When talking about the success of Harry Styles during the year 2020, it seemed that they looked down on the rest of the group.
Seeing a photo of the One Direction boys began the comments and jokes. “With those hairstyles, their dressing rooms must have smelled like an old lady’s hairdressing salon,” said Valeria Ros. “Nelly smelled like hairspray,” Dani Mateo pointed out, and Quique Peinado added that if you didn’t have great hair you couldn’t belong to a boyband. As expected, Twitter was full of negative comments towards Zapeando and his team.

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