The F proposes two programs on the occasion of the Day of Remembrance, established to commemorate the victims of the Shoah, Thursday 27 January 2022. It wants to tell through the documentary “Orwell 2.0 – The dark side of progress” and the original production “Sacred Fire – Il Talent and Life “the stories of three great writers who found themselves facing the Second World War and the post-war period, trying to survive the great upheavals thanks also to the strength of their art and their thinking: George Orwell, Cesare Pavese and Elsa Morante. Remembrance day, two A F programs to commemorate “Orwell 2.0 – The dark side of progress”
The first of the two programs retraces the life and works of visionary British journalist and writer George Orwell. The author of “1984”, who died on January 21, 1950, left behind in all his works the critique of totalitarianism and political abuse, such as Nazi-fascism, Soviet communism, Francoism, British colonialism, so much so that to be defined the greatest political writer of the twentieth century. Made by 3D Produzioni and EFFE TV for laF, the doc also offers an unprecedented private insight into the life of George Orwell and his eclectic personality, thanks also to the testimony of their adopted son Richard Horatio Blair.
The narration is enriched by numerous contributions by literary critics, writers, philosophers, political scientists, intelligence officials and privacy and cyber-security experts, such as Antonio Scurati, Tommaso Pincio, Filippo La Porta, Bernardo Valli, Michael Attenborough, his biographer David John Taylor , Carola Frediani, Walter Quattrociocchi, Danilo Benedetti and his Italian translators, Stefano Manferlotti and Nicola Gardini. The story about the Shoah that every parent should read to their children
This is the true story of Ela Pasternak and Marian Kaminski, Polish Jews who lived through the war as children and who today bear witness to their story, along with other voices, in the book “I children tell about the Shoah ” ” Sacred Fire – Talent and Life “
Following the episodes “Cesare Pavese – From C. to C.” and “Elsa Morante – In the footsteps of her mother” taken from SACRED FIRE – Talent and Life, an original laF – tv production by Feltrinelli produced in co-production with EchiVisivi, with the passionate narration of the writer Paolo Di Paolo.
The first episode, dedicated to Cesare Pavese, thanks also to the interpretation of Pietro De Silva, traces the life of the Piedmontese writer, winner of the Strega Prize in 1950 for the novel “La Bella Estate”, from his childhood in the Langhe, which will inspire him to his masterpiece “The moon and the bonfire”, to unhappy loves, in particular the last, for the actress Costance Dowling, of which he will write in the last pages of his diary and in the collection of poems “Death will come and have your eyes” .
An “anguished restlessness”, as he himself defines it, which will lead him to the extreme decision to take his own life, even if, as he writes in his diary “The trade of living”: “You don’t kill yourself for the love of a woman. We kill ourselves because a love, any love, reveals us in our nakedness, misery, defenseless, nothing ”.
The second of the two programs follows the story of the life of Elsa Morante, played by Sonia Bergamasco, through the words of her latest and most mysterious novel, “Aracoeli”, written between 1976 and 1982: the story of a forty-year-old homosexual obsessed with memory of childhood and the relationship with the deceased mother, who leaves for Spain in search of her origins. A book in which emerges, with even more force, the centrality of the role of her mother, a Modenese Jewish teacher, in her writing and the painful maternal conflict that has accompanied her whole life since childhood, lived in the Testaccio neighborhood From Rome.
The controversy surrounding her novel disturbs her, despite the resounding success and the closeness of the readers who write her passionate letters.

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