Fully enjoy your well-deserved holidays and give yourself a peaceful sleep thanks to our remedies for insomnia
. Go for a few days of vacation in the hope of relaxing and having fun after months of hard work and everyone’s dream. However, there are not a few vacationers who complain of difficulty falling asleep , or are subject to frequent awakenings at night. Among the many factors that can produce this unpleasant situation, jet lag occupies a place of honor. Crossing more time zones , in fact, alters the normal sleep-wake rhythm with consequences destined to last even for a few days. But even when you do not move from the Peninsula, the very fact of lying down in a bed other than your beloved bed favors the onset of insomnia .. In any case, to “avoid” this situation it is sufficient to follow some tips to sleep well , adopting the remedies for insomnia that we see below together.

The choice of accommodation: the fight against insomnia begins when you book
A first factor to take into consideration is the choice of hotel . Better to opt for a hotel away from traffic and book a room located on the highest floor and, if possible, located at a certain distance from stairs and a lift. This will avoid waking up at night due to the shouting of those used to returning late. If you can’t find a room like this, a pair of earplugs could be very useful!

Make your bed more comfortable
Recent statistics show how 6 out of 10 tourists are dissatisfied with the mattresses offered by hotels. In some cases it is too soft, other times too hard. Even the pillows hardly meet expectations – because they are stiff or very thin – and end up disturbing sleep. Therefore, since you cannot travel with a mattress in your suitcase, add a pillow to the list of accessories to take on vacation to guarantee well-deserved relaxation for your head and neck .

Do not overdo it at the table: one of the most useful remedies for insomnia on vacation
On vacation it is difficult not to indulge in the pleasures of the tablein every moment of the day. The relaxed atmosphere, the more time available to have meals in company , the inviting aperitif buffets : all occasions to eat a lot, and not always in a healthy way … At least in the evening, however, try to limit foods that are particularly heavy or rich of spices. As difficult as it is, cut back on alcohol and sweets.

Good habits before going to bed
After an exciting day, it’s hard to shake off the adrenaline even late in the evening. Among the tips for sleeping well useful for those who have dedicated themselves to a sporting activity or evening entertainment, a nice hot bath is certainly included , which will relax the muscles andrelax your nerves. A refreshing shower, for its part, is one of the best remedies for insomnia on vacation to be taken in hot places. And even those who can’t wait to share photos and videos with friends should avoid taking smartphones and tablets to bed : the light of the screens, in fact, negatively affects sleep. Much better to take a few minutes to read a book . Other remedies for insomnia
Consume 2 or 3 dried Goji berries , to be chewed a couple of hours before sleep, or a glass of warm milk with the addition of honey.

Remedies for insomnia on vacation: melatonin
Even if the tips for good sleep outlined above aren’t enough, sleeping pills should continue to be the last resort: instead, choose natural remedies for insomnia. One of the most common is melatonin which is not addictive while maintaining its effectiveness even with prolonged use. Muscle relaxant and calming, it has the merit of reducing the time needed to fall asleep by improving the quality of sleep and increasing the hours dedicated to rest. By contrasting irritability, headaches and difficulty concentrating, melatonin also proves to be one of the most valid remedies for sleeplessness on vacation caused by jet lag.

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