Cystitis is a real nightmare for women . Especially in summer it is a pathology that women contract very easily. Excessive humidity , as well as sweating and suboptimal hygienic conditions can cause it to arise.
This annoying inflammation of the bladder walls is caused by an infectious process , which is responsible for certain intestinal bacteria that go up the urinary tract to the bladder itself. Among the bacteria responsible for this inflammation, the most common is Escherica Coli , an enterobacteria which in 70% of cases is the trigger of the infection. The infection
usually lasts about a week on average . If taken in time, the course can end in three days, but in the most acute cases, cystitis can last up to ten days , two weeks . It is good to recognize it in time and, in the summer months, to prevent it through specific supplements capable of increasing the immune defenses of the bladder and resistance to attacks by the pathogens responsible for cystitis. But how can you recognize Cystitis
Symptoms Symptoms of Cystitis

they are often present in combination with each other, making the disease recognizable from the first pathological manifestations . Remember that, although more rarely, it can also affect men. Let’s see what are the most common symptoms.

  • The first of the symptoms is the constant and urgent need to urinate . Often the stimulus is felt even a few minutes after going to the bathroom. This symptom is among the first and most important indicators of the onset of infection.
  • Another sign of the onset of cystitis is severe pain in the lower abdomen , at the level of the bladder, with the sensation of pressure on the urinary tract.
  • When you are suffering from inflammation, the act of urinating is not without its hassles and complications. The inflamed and contracted urethra does not allow you to urinate normally. Only a few drops of urine come out, often with traces of blood and a strong burning sensation .
  • In case of cystitis there may be some lines of fever, with the constant feeling of tiredness and chills .

In many cases, cystitis can take on symptoms similar to other vaginal infections, such as candidiasis . It is therefore essential not to underestimate the first signs and to consult a doctor to diagnose it in time and take measures.
It is important not to underestimate the disease which in many cases can become chronic and recur cyclically. In this sense, treatment is necessary for the prevention of cystitis.
Strengthen your body with supplements that make the urinary tract more resistant to external attacks by the responsible bacteria.

Try cranberry for cystitis
Also called Cranberry , cranberry supplements red are able to act preventively against urinary tract infections, strengthening the defenses of the urinary tract against bacteria and pathogens responsible for infections. Women with chronic cystitis reduce the risk of reconnecting the disease by 40%.
To date, cranberry is the most powerful natural ingredient against cystitis. Try Cranberry supplements to strengthen the defenses of the urinary tract.

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