There is nothing cuter than seeing a puppy dog. They take the greatest caresses and compliments since their small size inspires tenderness and charm. Few people can resist a puppy and for this reason many breeders have been developing extremely small breeds .
These are known as “mini toy” dogs, but these animals are not recommended by experts and today, at Mascotissimas, we explain why.
Some breeds have been highly genetically modified for years to become what they are today, as is the case with some such as the English bulldog or the Pug. Throughout history, breeds of dogs have emerged that are less threatening and, instead, much more tender and loving in our eyes.

“Mini toy” dogs are in fashion

In many countries it is increasingly common to see dogs that fit inside a bag. These have been born with a minuscule size to meet the needs of the applicants. In fact, as its name suggests, they look like “toys”, so much so that some of them even fit in a cup of coffee.
Miniature sized dog breeds are very fashionable in Spain. In fact they are considered “toy” for weighing less than 5 kilos and measuring no more than 40 centimeters . In addition, they are not “unique” breeds, but you can also find them in other sizes, as is the case of the toy poodle, which has been gaining popularity in recent years and does not reach 28 cm in height.upon reaching adulthood as well as not exceeding 4.5 kilograms.
The sales of these dogs have skyrocketed in the last decade, paying up to 10,000 euros for a copy. Even so, experts do not recommend acquiring this kind of pet for different reasons.

Reasons why having a mini toy dog ​​is not a good idea

Why not get a mini toy dog ​​-They
are companion
breeds that have gone through a long process of adaptation to be small, highly compromising their health . Breeders intend to get smaller and smaller specimens at any cost.
They usually have serious respiratory and heart problems. Many specimens even die of cardiac arrest when they are very young because their hearts tend to beat too fast even when they are calm.
Some breeders deliver the puppies early (normally they must be with their mother for about two months to be able to develop properly and eat well), something that is detrimental to their health.
For this reason, the recommendation of the experts is not to acquire a mini toy dog ​​to avoid more genetic modifications in these living beings and in the case of acquiring one, keep in mind that its feeding, development and treatment is expensive. In addition to raising him with great care because his body and limbs are quite delicate. It is important to be very responsible before making the decision and give them the space they deserve like any other pet: they are not a toy or an accessory.
The breeds with the highest rate of genetic modifications to create the “mini toy” are Chihuahua, Yorkshire terrier, Toy Poodle, Pomerian and Papillon.

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