“Unfortunately, a few days were enough to ascertain that the founding members of the Ravello Foundation do not respect intellectual freedom and ignore the values ​​of culture. As a man of culture and, above all, as a free man, I choose to resign my resignation from the office of President “. With these words Antonio Scurati delivers his farewell to the post he had been holding for only two weeks, that is, president of the Ravello Foundation. Therefore, spontaneous and irrevocable resignations that came after the usual message from Vincenzo De Luca on Friday. THE WORDS OF DE LUCA
The president of the Campania Region spoke of discord within the Foundation itself, but without mentioning names. “The indications must be respected in general and those given by the Region are very simple – said De Luca – the initiatives that are set up must be consistent with the nature of the festivals or foundations. You can’t do impromptu things that have nothing to do with it. The events that are proposed must not be marked by conflicts of interest on the part of those who propose them. Everything that finances the Campania Region must not be an opportunity for anyone to promote a system of personal relationships or to spend a few days of vacation at the expense of the Region, but they must be events in the most absolute transparency. We are in a season in which many entities are on the move, foundations, reviews, events. The rules are the ones I reminded you, if there are no coincidences of objectives, we separate. Nothing particularly dramatic “.WHAT AND HAPPEN
Fanpage reconstructs the facts right from the start. The bone of contention would have been two guests at the Ravello Festival, the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza and the writer Roberto Saviano . The invitations would have been made specifically by the new president and this would be the reason behind the cancellation of the press conference to present the event program only 24 hours before, conference scheduled for Thursday 17.
To confirm there is also the video of the writer who on his social networks openly accuses the governor of Campania of having vetoed his name. “Vincenzo De Luca blocks my presence at the Ravello Festival. No problem, Don Vicie, I won’t be there… grab everything chell che eo vuost… ”, this refers to the famous phrase of the Savastano family from the Gomorrah TV series. Saviano also stressed that participation would be free of charge. Hence the resignation of Scurati, Strega 2019 prize with M. THE REACTIONS OF THE FOUNDATION, OF THE MAYOR OF RAVELLO AND BASSOLINO
Last night, in the whirlwind of news, the note from the Foundation also arrived (signed by Lorenzo Lentini, Almerina Bove, Luigi Buonocore, Salvatore Di Martino, Stefano Giuliano, Michele Strianese. And by the directors Diomede Falconio, Paolo Imperato) which rejects the reconstruction of the facts because, he affirms, the new president had not shared the program with the Board of Directors. “Politics has nothing to do with it, there are issues of merit inherent to the respected guests hypothesized, noting a question of the correctness of the method and the democratic nature of the decisions”. And he makes it known that the members of the statutory bodies “reserve all the most effective protection in the appropriate forums in the face of any false and defamatory statements. The members of the Board of Directors and the Board of Directors are free and autonomous people no less than the resigning president ”.
“The limelight that has taken on the story of the Ravello Foundation has been an instrumental limelight”. He told Ansa Salvatore Di Martino , mayor of the town in the province of Salerno. “The situation is very simple and the reconstruction given by the governing bodies is very clear. There was this behavior of the appointed president that I did not understand. Some things did not go through the organs and this is not foreseen by the rules. Scurati and a friend, I was amazed at his behavior. That he hadn’t asked is an objective fact. Among other things, personally, if he had asked I would have had some perplexity but not for the quality of the meetings but for the period. Maybe they could have been done in winter but I see them not very compatible with the festival ”.
“Rejecting Scurati’s resignation is a wise and right choice”. This is the advice of Antonio Bassolino , candidate for mayor of Naples, on Facebook. “It is an act that can allow the writer to review his decision and to carry on his commitment and his free cultural choices at the helm of the Foundation”. SOLIDARITY IN SAVIANO AND SCURATI
“I have been president twice, once for eight years when Bassolino was there and then again when De Luca was there. After three months I did the same thing that Scurati did, I left, I resigned because there was constant interference ”. The sociologist Domenico De Masihe retraced his direction of the Foundation with Ansa, sharing Scurati’s decision to resign. “The Foundation is a cultural foundation, therefore whoever directs it must have total freedom of action, cannot continually have bans or indications from the political power”.
“It’s a question of dignity. When a president of a cultural festival makes choices and is dismissed by the Steering Council on behalf of the regional president, it’s obvious. The president of the Region made statements on TV saying that he expects the directives of the Region to be carried out precisely. This – De Masi finally said – no president of a cultural foundation would accept it. I am especially worried about Ravello. Having resigned three years ago, now Scurati for the same reason, I believe that a prominent person will never accept to end up in the same way “.
And from the world of left-wing politics come the words of Nicola Fratoianni(Italian left): “I esteem even more strongly towards Scurati for his choice of dignity and freedom. And an even stronger hug to Saviano, who in addition to having the Camorra as sworn enemies, must be ostracized by the top exponent of the Campania Democratic Party who behaves like any satrap ”.
And precisely in reference to the Democratic Party, Enrico Letta invited both Saviano and Scurati to the Democratic Party Party, siding openly on their side.
I look forward to @robertosaviano and Antonio #Scurati at the next National Day of the @pdnetwork. Permanent invitation.
– Enrico Letta (@EnricoLetta) June 19, 2021

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