Raspberry ketone: what is it

  • Raspberry ketone: what it is
  • What are the benefits of raspberry ketone on the body
    • A natural appetite suppressant
    • An interesting fat burner
    • Raspberry ketone and its effects on the body
    • Other Health Benefits of Raspberry Ketone
      • Strengthens the immune system
      • Protects against free radicals
      • Relieves inflammation
      • Helps replace essential fatty acids
  • Contraindications and precautions to take with raspberry ketone
  • How to take Raspberry Ketone
  • Raspberry ketone: my opinion

The raspberry ketone diet is the latest fad when it comes to weight loss. This so-called superhormone has received a lot of international attention.
Nobody paid much attention to it before, but now there seem to be studies that show that it actually helps reduce fat. But what is raspberry ketone, and how it works
these are some questions that run through our heads.
Raspberry ketone is the chemical compound found in red raspberries that produces the fruity aroma. This chemical has long been used in flavorings for food and beverages, but has only recently been investigated for its potential health benefits.
Unfortunately, the yield of Raspberry Ketone from the actual berry is low, and this makes the product scarce and expensive. Consequently, researchers worked to develop synthetic versions of Raspberry Ketone which are ideal for weight loss. What Are The Benefits Of Raspberry Ketone On The Body
Although there are still studies ongoing to learn more about this ketone, the metabolic action of Raspberry Ketone is theorized to be twofold.
One action refers to the stimulation of the adiponectin hormone. It is a powerful enhancer of fatty acid oxidation, glucose regulation and a lipid accumulation inhibitor. The second mechanism of action is thought to be the stimulation of lipolysis mediated by natural norepinephrine.
So, in summary, Raspberry Ketone assists in speeding up the processing of fats in the physical body and reduces fatty tissue especially from the liver.
Raspberry Ketone appears to subdue appetite and raise energy throughout the day. If true, then this compound will be the best choice after green tea for those looking to lose weight. A natural appetite suppressant
Adiponectin is a protein hormone directly responsible for controlling metabolism, regulating glucose levels, lowering blood pressure and reducing the amount of body fat. It simply means that an individual with higher levels of adiponectin will naturally become leaner much easier than those with lower levels of the substance in their blood, a fact confirmed by clinical studies.
In addition to helping to control obesity, it can also reduce the risk of certain conditions including liver disease, type 2 diabetes, and atherosclerosis. An interesting fat burner
Raspberry Ketone has powerful fat burning capabilities. It forces the body to release the “stress” hormone known as norepinephrine, which stimulates the nervous system and blood. This in turn stimulates the metabolism to speed up the body’s natural fat burning processes. Raspberry ketone decreases the absorption rate of carbohydrates, speeding up the fat burning process and helping you eliminate fat deposits, thus allowing you to lose weight more effectively and naturally.
No wonder these obvious benefits make raspberry ketones the substance that is now becoming essential for weight loss. Raspberry ketone and its effects on the body
Raspberry Ketone reduces body fat and plasma triglyceride content by stimulating the metabolism. Laboratory tests have confirmed that raspberry ketones prevent the accumulation of fat in the tissues by up to 17%.
The potency of raspberry ketones has been proven by several researches, including that conducted at the Center of Applied Health Sciences (Stow, Ohio, USA) under the direction of Dr. Hector Lopez. The following data resulted from 8-week tests carried out on the group of 45 volunteers:

  • Average weight loss of 2%;
  • Reduction of body fat by 7.8;
  • Increase in non-fat body mass by 3.4;
  • 2% waist reduction;
  • Reduction in hip size by 1.7%.

Other Health Benefits of Raspberry Ketone Boosts Immune System
Raspberry ketone increases the production of B and T cells (white blood cells) which helps strengthen the immune system making it more resistant to disease. Protects Against Free Radicals
Raspberry ketones are packed with powerful antioxidants that help protect the body’s cells from the damaging impact of free radicals in the environment. This can also help slow down the aging process. Relieves inflammation
Raspberry ketones can naturally relieve and prevent muscle and rheumatic pain by lowering certain enzymes in the body responsible for causing discomfort and pain with arthritis and other related conditions, as they possess the same anti-inflammatory properties as drugs such as NSAIDs (e.g. ‘aspirin). Helps Replace Essential Fatty Acids
Raspberry ketones, when consumed regularly, can help replace essential fatty acids such as omega-3 fatty acids in the body.
Omega-3 is vital for maintaining appropriate levels of growth hormones and helps keep a fully functioning and healthy brain. Contraindications and precautions to take with raspberry ketone
Raspberry ketones represent one of the safest ways to stimulate weight loss in a very short time.
Ketones are a natural plant product and provide the best results; moreover, the manufacturers of the supplements also guarantee a certain safety in the intake.
Taking natural supplements containing Raspberry Ketone does not appear to cause any negative side effects.
Unlike many energy boosting ingredients, raspberry ketones do not carry unwanted symptoms such as headaches or nervousness, so it is one of the most suitable ingredients for making supplements.
Raspberry Ketone appears to be a safe substance with no potential health risks. How to take Raspberry Ketone
The safe recommended daily dosage of raspberry ketone supplements is 200mg.
The results depend on the type of supplement, but it should start working within a couple of weeks.
Raspberry ketones have no known side effects, however they are not suitable for people with raspberry allergies.
The raspberry ketones aid in the regulation of glucose and fat metabolism. This helps keep blood sugar levels in the required range.
Furthermore, it appears that people using these supplements are able to maintain their ideal weight even after consuming high calorie foods. Raspberry ketone: my opinion
Raspberry ketones, thanks to their powerful and unique slimming properties, seem to represent the right natural alternative for those who want to lose weight.
This type of supplement is great in preventing some chronic diseases.
People who are prone to type 2 diabetes are able to stimulate glucose absorption by consuming this supplement.
Raspberry ketones have the ability to increase lipid oxidation which works wonders in managing cholesterol levels and blood pressure.
Obviously, these supplements do not fully protect against the possible consequences of a high-fat diet, but when used in combination with other clinically proven ingredients, significant weight loss is noted. Just choose the best product available on the market and enjoy its benefits.

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