Raquel Merono, the winner of MasterChef Celebrity 5, has given an example of willpower, determination and effort to her two daughters, Martina and Daniela.
As a teenager, Raquel took her first steps in the world of the catwalk , which she would later combine with a career in Journalism and with occasional appearances on television.The public gave her a face when she reached stardom as a stewardess of the mythical Uno para todos on Telecinco, and since then, her life was focused on television, becoming one of the most successful faces of the 90s

. But the life of Raquel Merono changed drastically when his two daughters were born, becauseHe decided to invest all his time in them and in creating a family in Bali, far from the spotlight.
The little ones are the result of her marriage to the businessman and hotelier Santi Carbones.The couple walked down the aisle in 2011 in Indonesia , in a most exotic ceremony by the Balinese rite, five years after they became parents of these two twins, who are now 14 years old. “With Santi I have been completely successful, I have had a lot of eye”, he claimed to have found the perfect person to face motherhood. The press considered them one of the most stable couples on the social scene. They got along perfectly and in front of the cameras everything seemed to be going great.
But unfortunately, things did not turn out the way they both hoped. Raquel and Santi separated by mutual agreement after ten years of relationship . It was in 2018 when the “wear and tear resulting from the friction of coexistence both at work and at home” led to the breakup. “I still have a very handsome and very beautiful family,” explained the businessman with the discretion that has always characterized him. For her part, the interpreter claimed to be “wonderful” and that she continued to share with him “home, family and work. When there is good vibes there is no other option.”
Both have shown that maintaining a good relationship after a divorce is possible, especially if there are two girls and several businesses involved. Santi and Merono have an event organization company, Rock and Loft, and in 2016 they opened a beach bar in Tarifa, Carbones 13.

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