The world is full of enchanted places, wonderful landscapes, fantastic cultures and sublime architecture. Nature gives us spectacles that man tries to match with his artistic and intellectual abilities. It is a real shame, therefore, to see places destroyed by disease , ruined by corruption , oppression and sometimes even damaged by nature. It is true, every world and country, there is good and bad in every place, but some have the balance a little too leaning towards the “ugly”. Here is the ranking of the 10 worst cities to go on vacation !

10 – Oklahoma City, Tornado Alley
Photo by NOAA Photo Library, NOAA Central Library; OAR / ERL / National Severe Storms Laboratory (NSSL). Main risks : destructive tornadoes
A risky place to visit due to its atmospheric conditions and Oklahoma City, known as Tornato Alley for its constant tornadoes that devastate the area from March to August. The violence of these tornadoes has destroyed homes, uprooted trees, and resulted in deaths and injuries. The most devastating, in 1999, caused 40 deaths and $ 1 billion in damage.

9 – Yakutsk, the pole of cold

Main risks : death from hypothermia
If you love high temperatures, we strongly advise against going to Yakutsk in Siberia . With its -50 ° andthe coldest place in the world enough to have earned the nickname of “Cold Pole”.

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Without adequate Arctic equipment you can die of hypothermia in a few minutes and for this reason it is considered an inhospitable and dangerous place.

8 – Caracas, crime and kidnappings

Main risks : kidnappings, thefts, robberies
Still in Latin America we find the city of Caracas in Venezuela , which together with Bogota is one of the most dangerous cities on the continent, with a frightening crime rate. Tourists are easy prey, especially if they show they have valuables. There is no shortage of kidnappings either.

7 – Chernobyl, the ghost town

Main risks : radiation contamination
From the disasters caused by nature we pass to those caused to the environment by man. Chernobyl has an indelible mark of it, after the very serious accident at the nuclear power plant in 1986. The city totally contaminated by radiation was abandoned immediately after the explosion, so much so that you can still see in the house tables set and everyday objects left there … over 20 years!

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6 – Ciudad Juarez, the drug lords
Photo by Scazon Main risks : robberies, kidnappings, involvement in shootings
Drugs are bad not only for individuals but also for cities. Ciudad Juarez, a country in Mexico , is forced to live with kidnappings, shootings and beheadings in broad daylight due to the drug war . Many people have been forced to flee their homes to escape this terrifying scenario as drug traffickers continue to destroy the city’s economy. The government left unpunished those responsible for very serious crimes such as the killing of 4,000 women between 1993 and 2003.

5 – Mogadishu, the lawless city

Main risks : robberies, kidnappings, involvement in guerrillas
Mogadishu is considered the most dangerous city in the world . After the collapse of the government in 1991, the city remained almost totally lawless, with no government structure to regulate it, despite the failed US intervention.

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Civil unrest, crime, constant guerrilla warfare make this place more dangerous than any other city in Africa, where, however, a climate that is not exactly peaceful reigns.

4 – Port au Prince and the devastating earthquake
Photo by UNDP Global Main risks : robberies, kidnappings, fatal diseases such as choleraOn the other hand, the earthquake that left the country in very bad conditions was
upset the scenarios in Haiti . The city of Port au Prince is still in chaos, ruled by violent gangs ruling the streets and brought to its knees by cholera. In fact, the city still lives under the rubble, submerged by waste which it cannot dispose of and which becomes the cause of disease.

3 – Linfen, the dark city
Photo by Matthew Summerton Main risks : respiratory problems and diseases linked to excessive pollution
Dark Linfen, a city in China , is located in the so-called “coal belt”, an important industrial center where millions are extracted tons of coal.

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The smog deriving from exhaust gases and fine dust hides the sun’s rays from the now sick gaze of its inhabitants, causing the city to fall into disastrous darkness .

2 – Baghdad, the devastation of war
Photo by Thomas Hartwell Main risks : robberies, rape, involvement in shootings and acts of terrorism
Speaking of conflicts, Baghdad is also not the ideal place for a relaxing holiday. The war and the dictatorial regime have brought the city to its knees, which must face daily thefts, kidnappings, looting and sexual abuse. The terrorist actsthat hit the city have thrown it into a state of poverty and decay from which it will be difficult to recover.

1 – Bujumbura, the poorest city in the world
Photo by Dave Proffer Main risks : robberies, kidnappings, involvement in guerrillas
We end our dark journey with the poorest country on the planet : Bujumbura, in the Republic of Burundi . Its sad history filled with mass murder, assassination of political leaders and genocide has branded the city for life.

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The UN has even found that city dwellers have the lowest life satisfaction in the world. A very sad condition for the country with the lowest GDP per capita in the world .

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