Photo by Luca Deboli. The myriad of breathtaking castles of which the world is full makes the task of drawing up a ranking of the most beautiful ones difficult. We have tried and in this Top-ten of the most beautiful castles in the world .
Also this time, to do this, we made use of the community. It was you Travel365 users who decreed the positions in the ranking, through a survey that involved over 10,000 accounts and 40 castles around the world . Each of you could choose 3 preferences from 40 proposals. The 10 castles with the highest number of votes entered the ranking.
But what is the final winner
Let’s find out together …

10 – Alcazar of Segovia – Spain – 620 votes received
Photo by Rafa Esteve. The Alcazar is a stone castle located in the old city of Segovia . Its shape resembles the prow of a ship and is located on a rocky hill. The Alcazar, one of the most characteristic castle-palaces in Spain , was built in the 12th century. It was originally supposed to function as a fortress, but functioned as a royal palace, state prison, and military academy.

Small curiosity : this castle inspired the one featured in the famous Walt Disney cartoon Cinderella .

9 – Noisy Castle – Belgium – 750 votes received
Photo by Pel Laurens. The castle ofNoisy which is based in the Ardennes region of Belgium and also known as Miranda Castle . It is a construction of the nineteenth century, precisely the castle was built in 1866. This neo-Gothic fortification has been in a state of neglect since 1991. Its peculiar appearance makes it an attraction for tourists from all over the world.

8 – Windsor Castle – England – 799 votes received
Photo by Diliff. A royal residence in Windsor in the English county of Berkshire . The castle is notable for its long association with the British royal familyand for its architecture. More than five hundred people live and work in this magnificent timeless structure.

7 – Bodiam Castle – England – 825 votes received
Photo by Antony McCallum. Bodiam is a 14th century castle and is located in East Sussex, England . It was built in 1385 by Sir Edward Dalyngrigge, under the concession of Richard II. Its position in the center of a moat completely covered with water contributes to making it fascinating .

6 – Prague Castle – Czech Republic – 1002 votes received
Photo of Before your eyes you have one of the largest and oldest castles in the world. The construction of the Prague castlebeginning around the 9th century. This fortress, 570 m long and about 130 m wide, was installed on one of the nine hills of the city. It is from this center that the capital develops.

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5 – Kilkenny Castle – Ireland – 1217 votes received
The Irish Castle of Kilkenny was built in 1195 by William the Marshal, 1st Earl of Pembroke, in order to control the River Nore. This medieval fortification has undergone numerous restorations and is currently open to the public. It is now considered to be one of Ireland’s most popular tourist attractions.

4 – Conwy Castle – Wales – 2100 votes received
Photo by David Dixon. Conwy Castleand a medieval fortification on the north coast of Wales ; it was built by Edward I during his 13th century conquest of Wales. The huge investment made for the construction of the towers makes it the most expensive of all the castles built by Edward I. But defining it as the most expensive would be an understatement: it is also the most important.

3 – Hohenschwangau Castle – Austria – 3990 votes received
Photo by © Ralf Roletschek. One of the oldest and best preserved castles in Europe, Hohensalzburg was built in the 11th century and extended during the 1300s. It is located on a mountain in Salzburg. With a length of 250 and a width of 150 meters, it is one of the largest in Europe .

2 – Neuschwanstein Castle – Germany – 4755 votes received
Photo by Taxiarchos228. This castle is a 19th century mansion, located on a solid hill in Bavaria , Germany . The palace was commissioned by Ludwig II of Bavaria as a refuge and was opened to the paying public soon after his death in 1886. More than 1.3 million people visit this splendid stronghold each year .

1 – Mont Saint-Michel – France – 5004 votes received
Photo by Luca Deboli. Mont Saint-Michel is located on a rocky island in Normandy, about 1km from the coast . The highest point on the island is 92 meters above sea level.

This sanctuary, classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site , is visited by more than 3 million people every year. The sanctuary’s splendid architecture contributes to making it the busiest tourist site in Normandy.

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