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With the arrival of autumn, whole afternoons are often spent indoors, especially if it is raining or cold outside. These moments should be lived as an opportunity to spend precious time with our little ones . Here is a series of games to play with children when it’s raining outside. Fun is guaranteed!
HOUZZ | Jeanette Lunde Snack time
If it’s raining outside, this is the right occasion to cook something good together . A plumcake, a cake, some chocolate biscuits: offer the children a simple recipe and dive into a greedy afternoon! And then, while cooking, why not set up a corner to enjoy a snack
Straws, napkins, garlands… Green light to the colors, the festive air will not make them think of the rain.
HOUZZ | Tidy Books Dive into reading Take
advantage of the time available to relax by re-reading the most loved stories or discovering new ones . To fully immerse yourself in the moment, you can set up a reading corner with a rug, plaids and some extra large pillows . During autumn and winter these days will happen often, always keep some reserve books to be exploited as a “surprise”.
HOUZZ | VRA homestyling A tent as a refuge
The rainy air makes you want to take shelter from the bad weather and find refuge in a welcoming place. If you don’t have a real curtain to set up in your bedroom, don’t worry, you can use an old sheet or a colored tablecloth . Fasten the ends to the furniture doors or drawers with the help of clothespins. Finally, add some cushions and a string of lights: the scenic effect is guaranteed!
HOUZZ | Justine Sterling Design The creative corner
Set up a DIY area with paper, glue, scissors, stickers . Try to keep wrappers, boxes or jars to use as recycle material on these occasions. If you are not creative,search on the web : you can find endless ideas to realize with the little ones. Time passes quickly and in the end you will only have to choose where to exhibit their children’s masterpieces.
HOUZZ An indoor gymnastics
Who said that we can’t do some physical activity at home Fix some obstacles, decide the rules and penalize them for an exciting indoor gymnastics . Use rugs, cushions and stools to make the path more or less difficult based on the age of the children. From the bursting of balloons to basketball hoops up to blindfolded trials, you can come up with the most diverse activities together. But remember to always keep safety in mindof the little ones (and your furniture!). Thinking bigger, one might even think about designing a climbing wall.
HOUZZ | Michele Perlini – ARCStudio PERLINI Everyone on the sofa!
Children like to see the family reunited. Then everyone around the table to challenge each other in the mime competition or in party games . At the end of the day you are allowed to turn on the TV and watch a classic for the whole family. Strictly with the lights off and popcorn , just as if you were at the cinema while it continues to rain outside and you stay, all together, pleasantly warm.

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