Jackbox Games, a small developer and publisher based in Chicago, Illinois, has been quietly producing video games since 1995. Its creations include question-and-answer titles such as You Don’t Know Jack, Jackbox Party Pack, Quiplash or Trivial Murder Party, among others. In general, they are works that have covered a niche of casual party games with some pull on the online platforms of Nintendo and Microsoft.
However, the stars seem to have allied themselves with this small studio that has created the perfect game for these days of confinement, a party game in which your friends do not have to be with you physically, you just have to use a mobile phone to participate in the game of board. Thanks to streaming you can share the main screen of the game with them, such as with Discord, Zoom, Skype or of course in the Steam service itself. When it reaches consoles, it can also be shared thanks to the systems of each platform.
The access mechanics are quite simple, players can participate in the game with their mobile phone or tablet simply using the web (Jackbox.tv) and a random password for each game. Once inside, what do we find
A clean, basic and comfortable interface that will invite us to go through the three phases of this game.
In the first phase we will have to create answers by completing some clever phrases that lack your personal touch of humor. Then, one after one, the funniest answers will be voted on. After this first round the votes will be added.
In the second part we will answer complete sentences to fun questions. Here we will have to be more creative. As in the previous occasion, each answer will be voted and at the end the points will be added. In the third part the tests will be somewhat different, such as choosing the meaning of acronyms or completing movie titles with a touch of humor. You can always join as a public, once the game starts, with a password like the one used by the players and on the same website. In this case you can only vote on the answers. Up to 10,000 players can join, so as you can imagine, this option is especially dedicated to the famous content creators on the Internet. Will it be a success

That will be decided by them.
The game is available in several languages, including Spanish, with a presenter who gives the play an air of a television game show. For their part, the games are short and varied and invite you to play one after another. In addition, the fact that each one can play in the privacy of their home is an advantage. That said, ideal for these dates.

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