Summer is almost over and, with it, the holidays. Little by little we resume the routine and we have to go back to work or get ready to go back to school. After a well-deserved rest, returning to the rush of day to day can be harder than usual and, for this reason, it usually happens that at first it is difficult for us to get up early and start the morning with a good rhythm.
What we usually take the most before going to work is putting on makeup and combing our hair, and fixing our hair well when we only have a couple of minutes can become a real nightmare, especially if we have not taken good care of it and it is damaged due to from the sun and the baths.
If you have not had time (or you have not remembered) to prepare a simple styling without heat during the night and you do not feel like wearing braids, these quick and easy hairstyles will be your best allies on those days when the sheets and the daily routine goes in slow motion.

Updo hair

Getting a good disheveled jumpsuit can become an art. That careless style on purpose is not as easy to achieve as it seems, but Lizy P gives you all the keys to achieve it.
Sometimes, we just don’t feel like wearing a simple ponytail but we don’t have time to do much more. Hairstyles like this one from Ana VeraThey can save us more than one morning and it is the fastest way to go elegant and simple. Also, it will look great with a scarf!

Patry Jordan also knows that the ponytail is the classic of mornings in a hurry and that is why she has prepared these 4 different styles that you can do in less than two minutes so that your hair is ideal no matter how long you dedicate to it.
Making a beautiful braid can take a little time or require a bit of hand, but this faux knotted braid by Lizy P is super easy to do and will become one of your classics if you have long hair.

Half-up hair

If you barely have a minute to comb your hair and you don’t feel like wearing your hair down, you can do aVery easy semi -collected like these that Patry Jordan teaches us .
This tousled semi -updo by Tresse is ideal and will give a romantic touch to your office looks without sacrificing much time in your morning.

For short hair

If you like to put your hair up but you have short or medium length hair and you don’t have enough length to make the monkeys or braids that you like the most, these two easy updos for short and medium hair by Patry Jordan will make your mornings more bearable . Goodbye loose hair!
The same youtuber has made this small compilation of 10 other simple hairstyles What can you do if you have short hair and you are tired of wearing it always the same.

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