Queen Letizia has us accustomed to super elegant outfits, although perhaps not very daring. Queen Letizia’s looks are characterized by sobriety and are so inspiring that even Zara has copied one of her most iconic dresses. Although, now that the infantas Leonor and Sofia are getting older and are discovering their own personality when it comes to dressing, Queen Letizia is giving them the baton of style so that both shine with their own light.
At least that is what happened at the Princess of Asturias Awards concert, to which Queen Letizia attended in a spectacular green dress with feathers (the queen knows how to bet on new trends like no one else), but in whichThe infantas Leonor and Sofia have shone .
Green, pink and blue. These are the colors that Dona Letizia, Princess Leonor and Dona Sofia have chosen for the Princess of Asturias Awards concert. Undoubtedly, the protagonist of tonight has been the princess, who has been away from Spain these weeks studying at the Gales school where she continues to train academically.
The concert prior to the Princess of Asturias Awards is always an act to which Queen Letizia attends with a groundbreaking look and styling, of those who give to talk at length, but the truth is that today it was his daughter, Princess Leonor, who has monopolized all eyes. She had been expected for weeks on this very special date for her and how could it be otherwise, her reappearance has been triumphant.

Green and with feathers, the successful dress of Queen Letizia

The Queen has chosen for this year a dress that we had not seen on another occasion, green with bat sleeves with which she has posed very elegantly in front of the cameras of the media that were there covering the event. Her daughters, however, have opted for more vivid colors, attracting more attention.

Leonor and Sofia, the best style students of Queen

LetiziaPrincess Leonor has worn a plain pink dress , with gathers on the body, a wrap skirt and special sleeves, while her sister Dona Sofia has worn a deep teal blue color , with a plain design and French sleeves. Although the hairstyle of both is the same, a casual look with certain waves in the hair, in the footwear they have distinguished themselves. The older sister has opted for nude mini-heeled shoes and her sister has opted for flat black ballerinas.

Queen Letizia gives prominence to the looks of the infantas

Without a doubt, Queen Letizia has posed elegantly, but leaving all the prominence to her daughterswho have chosen shades for their looks that are much more striking and less neutral than her. Princess Leonor has thus monopolized the media spotlight after her return from the school in Wales where she continues with her academic life.

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