The World Cup is certainly the most important football event ever and all football fans can’t wait to know when the Qatar 2022 World Cup starts and how it works. After the beautiful adventure of Italy at Euro 2020 , which culminated with the victory against England , all the professionals are projected towards the next World Cup.
The next edition of this important event is not far off, as it will take place next year, for the first time between November and December. This choice is representative of Europe ‘s loss of economic centrality , which is also reflected in the world of football.

Qatar 2022 World Cup How They Work – Dates and Formula
The matches will be played from November 21st to December 18th and it will be strange to see the matches in the Christmas period, perhaps with the side of a nativity scene and a Christmas tree at home. 32 teams will participate in the next world championships , of which 31 will have to win the qualification and one, Qatar , will participate ex officio, being the host country. For the Qatari national team this is the first participation in the world football championships in history.
The format of the other 31 teams varies from continent to continent and we hope that Italy’s qualifiers will have a better outcome this time than last time.

Qatar 2022 World Cup How It Works – Europe
The European teams competing for the qualification are 55 and are divided into 10 groups , of which 5 from six teams and 5 from 5 teams. The first classified of each group will go to the World Cup and to these will be added the 3 teams that will win the playoffs between the runners-up and two teams of the Nations League . These will be divided into three groups and the winning team of each reaches the qualification. Italy
are part of group C, together with Switzerland, Lithuania, Northern Ireland and Bulgaria. Qatar World Cup 2022 How They Work – Africa

The qualification of the African teams includes three phases. In the first, the 28 lowest-ranked teams met in 2019 and the second phase, currently underway, followed. 10 groups of 4 teams have been created and the winners will participate in the third and final phase. The 5 winners will go to the Qatar 2020 World Cup.

South America
The South American teams all face off in a single group and each plays 18 games. The first four classified will go directly to the World Cup while the fifth in the standings will play the international playoffs for access to the final phase of the competition.

Regarding Asia, the second phase, which is the current one, foresees 40 teams grouped in 8 groups. The winners of each group and the four best runners-up will reach the third phase, which includes 2 groups of 6, in which the first 2 will qualify directly while the third will make a play-off to access the international playoffs.

Central America
In Central America , the 5 teams with the highest ranking go directly to the third phase while all the others start from the first phase. The first of each group of the first phase accesses the second, in which the three winning teams join the first 5 to compete for the qualification in a group of 8; in which the first three will go to the World Cup directly while the fourth will access the international play off.

In Oceania there are 11 teams which are divided into two groups. The first two classified go to the semifinals and the winner enters the international playoffs, to play for the qualification.

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