In September, the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the National High Court will request sentences of up to 11 and a half years in prison for 22 defendants – eight of them residents of Seville – who are going to be tried for one of the largest international pyramid schemes : no less than 50,000 people who bought their packs believing that it was possible to obtain exorbitant profits in a short time.

Jose Manuel RM and his partner Pilar OS are, according to the Prosecutor’s Office, the ideologues of the criminal activity of Unetenet, which advertised as a “multilevel” company but in reality did not sell any “product, service or tangible objective element”.
The accusation highlights their“ingenuity and self-confidence” because “the only way to recover the investment was to resort to the money from the registration of new partners who were promised to earn money by simple advertising”.
They were “new partners/victims who made it possible for the pyramid to be sustained ,” explains the prosecution’s indictment to which this newspaper had access.

The investigation started in Seville

The first complaint corresponded to the court of instruction 16 of Seville, which sent it to the National Court as soon as it saw the global dimension of the scam.
Eight of the people who are going to be tried live in Seville, among them the sisters Maria Dolores, Maria del Carmen and Inmaculada DM and the husband of one of them.Another is a Belarusian citizen residing in Alcala de Guadaira, who made advertising videos in Russian aimed at attracting partners in Eastern Europe.
Between January and September 2014, the defendants organized promotional events in luxurious hotels in Seville and Maria Dolores DM, in an act in Toledo published on YouTube, received from the hands of the ringleader a huge check for an amount of 50,000 dollars.
The lawyer Manuel Carlos Merino Maestre , who is prosecuting on behalf of most of those affected, describes the other perpetrators of the scam in Seville in this way: Barbara Maria RR, a neighbor of Gelves, presented herself on the LinkedIn social network as “coordinator Unetenet ethics”and Victor Daniel TM has a police record for crimes of reception, bribery, against the Public Treasury and for forgery.

Feasts, super luxury hotels and expensive cars

This lawyer affirms in his qualification that Jose Manuel and Pilar demonstrated “ingenuity and self-confidence beyond any doubt to design daring marketing strategies” since they started their business in 2012 touring the Spanish roads in a motorhome labeled with your logo.
They promised, for example, that an individual who invested in an $18,000 pack could obtain annual profits of $67,000. They held massive events (broadcast on YouTube) in which they handed out large checks and where“street” investors explained their happiness and disbelief at getting rich without working.
Meanwhile, according to the accusations, the money was laundered or kept safely in accounts in Latvia, Malta, Croatia, Liechtenstein, Slovenia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and other tax havens.
The leaders enjoyed feasts “in renowned restaurants”, seafood, super luxury hotels from Tokyo to Marbella, top brand cars and expensive watches, according to the invoices that appear in the case.
All this between a “tangle of distracting operations” between their bank accounts in which they came to use Jose Manuel’s mother.

When the system collapsed they invented the currency “unite”
Merino Maestre explains that the “beginning of the decline” occurred when the bank account in Latvia was investigated by the country’s financial intelligence unit for having the “well-founded suspicion that it was being used to receive large amounts of fraudulent money.”
Then “in a new show of ingenuity” the fraudsters hid behind a “plot from the traditional banking system” and carried out a “strategic change in the business model” for what they said had created an “independent economic system” based on a “social currency” which they called join and to which “they capriciously assigned the value of one US dollar.”
From then on, each member of Unetenetcould generate bonds that franchisees “had to sell to third parties as the only way to recover their initial investment.”
Although the Public Prosecutor estimates the total number of scams at 50,000 people from all over the world , in his letter he recalls that in Italy (with 22 million dollars) most of the fraud is concentrated. The main affected paid amounts between 9,000 and 36,000 euros.

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