Puerto Rico is one of the best known destinations in the Caribbean . This location is taken into consideration by hundreds of people who every year have to decide where to spend their holidays. The flow of tourists to Puerto Rico never stops, as the weather turns out to be excellent for most of a calendar year .
In Puerto Rico then, there are also several places to visit that have beauties that can take your breath away. It is therefore necessary to make a general overview of the beauties and characteristics of Puerto Rico, in order to be able to appreciate this locality even more!

Travel informed: useful information

  • Inhabitants : approximately 3,600,000
  • Capitale: San Juan
  • Languages : Spanish and English
  • Local currency : US dollar (€ 1.00 = 1.15 USD)
  • Climate : Caribbean tropical climate, very high average temperatures
  • Vaccinations : the vaccinations required are against hepatitis A, hepatitis B, Rabies and Typhus
  • Entry requirements : Passport, return flight ticket, visa not required for Italian travelers for a stay of less than 90 days.
  • Distance from Italy : 7,773 km (13-16 hours of flight)
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Where it is
Puerto Rico is part of the Caribbean. This means that geographically this state is located between the two American continents, the north and the south . Politically speaking, Puerto Rico is an unincorporated state of the United States of America . Even if the citizens of Puerto Rico define themselves as independent, they must always recognize that their president is that of the USA.

How to get

  • From Milan or Rome : There are no direct flights from Italy to Puerto Rico. However, to get to the beautiful island it is possible to choose either a flight that arrives in Miami, Florida, or make a stopover in one of the major European capitals and then continue towards San Juan, the capital of Puerto Rico. Flights from Rome to San Juan from € 511.00 – Flights from Milan to San Juan from € 498.00
  • From the main European capitals : Generally, it is possible to reach Puerto Rico directly from London or Madrid. Thanks to flights operated by companies such as British Airways or Iberia, it is possible to arrive in the beautiful Caribbean land after about 14 hours of flight.

When to go
Info on climate and best period

Month Average temperatures (min / max) Precipitation (days / mm) January 22 ° / 28 ° 13 days / 80 mm
February 22 ° / 29 ° 10 days / 50 mm
March 23 ° / 29 ° 10 days / 60 mm
April 24 ° / 30 ° 10 days / 90 mm
May 25 ° / 31 ° 12 days / 145 mm
June 25 ° / 32 ° 13 days / 120 mm
July 26 ° / 32 ° 15 days / 125 mm
August 26 ° / 32 ° 16 days / 150 mm
September 25 ° / 32 ° 14 days / 150 mm
October 25 ° / 31 ° 15 days / 150 mm
November 24 ° / 30 ° 16 days / 140 mm
December 23 ° / 29 ° 16 days / 115 mm

  • Climate : The type of climate in Puerto Rico is tropical Caribbean. This means that the average temperature during the year is very high, around 29 °. The average rainfall in a year is instead of 160 days / 1375 mm. The sea temperature is warm all year round and oscillates between 26 ° and 28 ° degrees.
  • Best time: the best time is from December to March. During this period it is hot but the heat subsides and you get a cooler climate. Furthermore, rainfall is rare.
  • Period to avoid : the hurricane season runs from June to November, during this period it is possible that the archipelago is hit by tropical storms. The risks intensify between August and October.
  • Tips : to better enjoy Puerto Rico, you need to pack light, summer clothes. In addition, it is also recommended to bring comfortable footwear for long walks in the Puerto Rican territory. As in any Caribbean place, be careful not to forget sunscreen and UV protection.

10 things to see: beaches and places of interest

  1. San Juan : the capital of the island is the hub of the nation. Visiting it is a great way to understand the Puerto Rican philosophy of life and be fascinated by the daily routine completely different from the Western one.
  2. Old San Juan : this is the old part of the island’s capital. A beautiful place to live, breathe and explore. A journey through the history of the island, to discover its soul.
  3. El Yunque : the national forest of Puerto Rico. A dense and green vegetation that will leave both adults and children speechless. An uncontaminated paradise able to offer beauties of various kinds. One of the only places on Earth.
  4. La Mina Falls : the magnificent waterfalls always present within the Puerto Rico forest. A majestic and imposing spectacle of nature. Seeing them closely turns out to be incredible, an image that remains etched in the mind.
  5. Flamenco Beach : and one of the best beaches in the world. This beach is perfect for anyone, its soft sand is suitable for any activity. The water that bathes it then leaves you speechless.
  6. Carlos Rosario Beach : beach protected by the magnificent coral reef that can be admired even without snorkeling equipment thanks to the crystal clear waters. Plus, animal lovers will be able to see sea turtles and clumsy manatees up close!
  7. Culebra : a small island off the coast of Puerto Rico, but at the same time a municipality that belongs to the Caribbean territory. Culebra is an earthly paradise in the truest sense of the word, with untouched nature and wonderful vibrant views.
  8. Vieques : another wonderful island that always belongs to the territory of Puerto Rico. In Vieques it is possible to relax and learn more about Puerto Rican roots, thanks to the monuments present in the locality.
  9. Museo de Arte de Ponce : one of the must-see places for art lovers. This museum has an extensive display of both Western-inspired works and typical island artists. A cultural heritage, not surprisingly one of the largest museums in the Caribbean area.
  10. Rincon : A municipality in Puerto Rico known for its rugged beaches ideal for surfing. Adrenaline and adventure lovers will undoubtedly love this place.

What to do in Puerto Rico: excursions and tours

How much a vacation in Puerto Rico costs
Prices, offers and tips

Like any vacation in the Caribbean, a vacation in Puerto Rico is not easy to deal with economically . To reach the island, on average a couple can spend around 5,000 euros to secure a quality flight + hotel package . It should be remembered that compared to other islands, the economy is very similar to the European one, also due to the presence of the US dollar as the national currency. Therefore, services of any kind have a generally medium-high price. However, despite this, it turns out to be quite simple to be able to find refreshment points where you can eat well by spending an adequate price.

  • Where to sleep: Hotels and b & b starting from € 69.18 per room – see the offers
  • Low cost flights: starting from € 511.00 – look at the offers

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