The company based in Carmona Puerto de Indias has just launched its second big bet after its already famous strawberry gin, which revolutionized the market. After a year and a half of internal work -and looking for the same effect that was generated with its best-known product- the distillery has created the Guadalquivir premium variety. It is a distillate of 37.5 degrees with three fundamental ingredients: peach, orange and elderflower, to which juniper is added . As the firm explains in a note, the gin is more or less like this: “The predominant fruity presence of the peach is accompanied by a touch of elderflower, which acts as a link between its sweetness and the refreshing citrus flavor of the orange.”
It is a firm commitment, as pointed out from Puerto de Indias, which flees from “the trend of flooding the market with new proposals to see if something works.” For us, says Basilio Rodriguez, Marketing Director of the firm, this launch is not a test, but “a project for the future, something more solid.” With this launch, Puerto de Indias adds four references to the market: Guadalquivir, the strawberry gin, its citrus Classic and Pure Black Edition.
Its three main ingredients are peach, orange and elderflower
According to the firm, Guadalquivir is not a peach gin despite the fact that this ingredient is the main one. “It is the combination of the three flavors that gives it its characterIf it weren’t for that, this gin would be something else”. Two of them, the peach and the orange, are characteristic of the Sevillian countryside (hence the name of the product, Guadalquivir) and the third, the elderflower, is not from here, but it is a fashionable product, “increasingly used in cocktails.
The product has been on the market for a month and a half, in the hotel industry, and from now to the end of the year, with a view to the Christmas campaign It will also reach food establishments.Although initially it was not going to be exported, or at least it was not among the priorities, “requests from importers from other countries have created the need to develop an export plan,” says Rodriguez. Presence

in the US and UK
Exporting, precisely, was one of the reasons why the owners of the company, Francisco and Jose Antonio Rodriguez, two former construction entrepreneurs, sold 66% of the capital to the North American fund HIG in February 2018. The two, Despite the sale, they continued to run Puerto de Indias, with greater capital support precisely to facilitate this international expansion.
Puerto de Indias has opted for the United Kingdom and is concerned about Brexit
A year and a half later, Puerto de Indias already has a consolidated presence in two countries: the United States and the United Kingdom, where it focuses its foreign focus, and an appreciable business in Latin America . “Today our plans are being fulfilled and there will be launches in new countries in the short and medium term”, says Rodriguez, who admits a certain concern about ‘Brexit’, which could take place at the end of this month and about which there is a lot of uncertainty.

The new factory

Beyond the injection of capital a year ago, what will most catapult the growth of Puerto de Indias will be its new factory, located in an industrial estate in Carmona and with an area of ​​8,500 square meters.Its launch, after an investment of four million euros, is imminent, in November at the latest.
Right now the machinery is being moved to the new factory
Right now, the machinery of the old facilities is being transferred to the new ones, a process that would presumably end in two weeks. The offices are already there. Puerto de Indias – whose great problem in recent years had been to satisfy a demand that was growing exponentially with a limited production capacity – will be able to multiply its production by more than four, now estimated at some 5.5 million bottles (data from 2017) .

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