When you dream of a president, the dream usually refers to the specific beliefs and feelings you have towards the president or the head of state.
The particular president who appears in your dream might seem like someone who might have the same qualities in real life.
Many dreams associated with the president may have nothing to do with the real person, but with your hidden emotions and opinions about your surroundings, and especially with those in power over you.
Below we will review various president-related dreams to help you interpret them. Dream of having met the president
If you see or meet the president in a dream, it represents the desire to live a more honorable and highly respected life.Dream of Becoming President
The dream of becoming a president and a person of high status and power suggests that you want to be highly professional in your field of work. You want others to admire you, both out of respect and for guidance. Dreaming of conducting an election campaign
If you have dreamed of conducting an election campaign and your attempts to become president yourself, this is a reflection of the struggle for power you experience in everyday life at home or at work.
Perhaps you are trying to express your role as a leader and want others to follow your example. This is especially true when there are rumors against you in your organization. Dreaming of killing the president
If you kill or attack the president in a dream, as a murderer or spy, this dream indicates that you are tired of feeling cramped by the demands of others. You unconsciously feel overwhelmed and cannot express your opinion.
illustration Dreaming that you have kissed the president
Dreams of kissing or of physical intimacy with the president suggest flirting with power and authority. However, you yourself do not have that power, but prefer to be in the inner circle of those who possess it.
You may feel like you are stuck in your current situation and have to perform drastic tasks for the people in power in order to progress. Dreaming of voting for the president
Dreaming of voting in presidential elections is a sign of the major decisions you may have to make in the near future. It is a premonition of a crossroads that can lead you on different paths.
For example, you may have to choose a new job or a new school, leading to completely different lifestyles or expectations.
The “presidents” are those little voices that help you evaluate the pros and cons of different decisions. Listening to these voices can help you understand the best way. Dreaming of a debate or a presidential speech
If you have dreamed that the president was giving a speech or participating in a debate, he suggests that you should be more diplomatic and more expressive in your inner thoughts.
You think about putting your own stream of thought together, you have to be careful so that you can get the maximum benefit for you and for the people you represent and hold dear. Dreaming of a dead president
If the president died in a dream or disappeared, it could indicate that you have lost a sense of direction or leadership. It could be a life changing event that actually happened in your reality.
Your subconscious is looking for a new model to follow in its footsteps. It can also refer to the loss of power in your organization, perhaps followers at work or at home will stop listening and following you.

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