If you admire a beautiful cheese board and want to prepare it at home with your favorite cheeses and other ingredients that harmonize a good evening, today we give you the tricks so that you do not fail in your attempt. Preparing a cheese board is really very easy , especially if you love these products, but with these keys, you will create the perfect board.

What is necessary to prepare a perfect cheese board

Everything is a matter of taste, but it is true that in a cheese board there are a series of basics that should not be overlooked:
Various types of cheese
Biscuits, picos, scolds, bread, grisinis
Nuts, dehydrated or fresh fruit
Jams, honey or vegetable preserves
We break down this list a little more and give more indications about these essentials to prepare your cheese board . It is important that there are different types of cheeses , if it is a medium or large table, about 3 types would be the minimum that you can add, you can differentiate them by their origin, by their flavor, curing or intensity: it is great to combine a blue cheese, a cured one or semicured and one for example spread or even gruyere.
Depending on the variety you choose, the accompaniments will be one or the other. You can add dried fruits like walnuts , add some dehydrated and fresh fruits like figs or grapes, its sweetness goes great with certain types of cheese. In addition to that, you will have to choose the types of bread or biscuits that you like the most.
If we focus now on the presentation of your cheese board, these accessories will be the best for you to make it and it will be just as you want. We must take into account the importance of knives that cut well, to spread if necessary also, the table and even containers for the companions. Take a look at this selection of articles so you can create the perfect cheese board .

Bamboo wood cheese board and knives
Whether for a party with your friends or at an intimate dinner, this table of cheeses and handmade knives will be very practical and will make you look like an expert. With its 25 cm diameter and 5 cm height, you can use it as a centerpiece to serve your sliced ​​cheeses and sausages . Its beautiful antibacterial bamboo surface is also very resistant.
The board is accompanied by stainless steel cutlery and easy-grip bamboo handles, organized inside its hidden rotating drawer. Not only will it make cutting cheese easier for you, you’ll dazzle your food critics! Its price €25.99.
*Price: €25.99
*Price may vary

Cheese and fruit boards
If you are looking for a gift for a special person in your life who loves to cook, then look no further, this high quality set is the perfect gift. Or even if you have a very special occasion in which to surprise your guests, this set of super tables will be what you like the most.
Pull out the front drawer to reveal additional accessories like stainless steel knives, forks, bottle openers, blackboard labels, and white markers. Also includes ceramic sauce bowls perfect for dipping. Its price €72.33.
*Price: €72.33
*Price may vary

wood board
This wooden boardIt is beautiful and has a unique design. Each piece is different in terms of shape and veining as it is made from 100% natural raw material and is handmade, polished and cut by hand.
It is a very versatile board, to cut and also to serve. It is perfect for a cheese board and to be the protagonist of the appetizers. It has high durability and quality. Its price €34.90.
*Price: €34.90
*Price may vary

Natural slate

Other trending boards are slate, made of natural stone, very resistant to heat, very easy and quick to clean with warm water and a damp cloth. This board is versatile, excellent design for restaurant or everyday use, perfect for serving dessert, cake or appetizer, sauces. Its price €20.98.
*Price: €20.98
*Price may vary

Retro Knife Set

This set of cheese knives is designed to cut most cheeses. Made of high quality stainless steel, the blade is professional, corrosion resistant, safe and healthy. The set includes a chisel, a hard cheese knife and a fork-tipped knife, which can cut any type of cheese. Its price €14.90.
*Price: €14.90
*Price may vary

Very professional cutting

knife This knife will be a sure hit for cutting cheese. It has a stainless steel blade, a nitrogen steel arc formula that provides hardness, cutting power and improves the durability of the edge. Its price €19.00.
*Price: €19.00
*The price may vary

Sliced ​​cheese

cutter Handheld cheese cutter for cutting cured cheese such as Parmesan, Pecorino, Grana Padano and Montana cheese. It cuts the cheese into perfect and uniform slices thanks to its sharp stainless steel blade. The cutting width can be varied by pressure.
The good thing about cheese slices is that you can roll them into cubes or even give them a more original design and it will look great on your board. Its price €14.89.
*Price: €14.89
*Price may vary

Double handle knife

The handles on each side allow you to make the perfect cut on hard cheeses effortlessly. In this way you will cut with precision and without worrying about the different thickness of the mini cheese wedges. It will be much easier for you. Its price €33.22.
*Price: €32.22
*Price may vary

Lyre for cutting soft cheeses

The lyre for cheese is an ideal cutting tool for cleanly cutting pieces of soft , fresh cheese, or even pieces of pâtés, tarts or savory or sweet pastries. of a soft consistency, pieces, slices, slices, of the desired thickness without spoiling the pieces from which we extract them. Its price €11.99.
*Price: €11.99
*Price may vary

Jams to accompany

Jams should be a staple on your cheese board, especially if the occasion calls for a classic ingredient but with an original touch. These green olive, mango, bitter orange and strawberry jams will go great with your favorite cheeses. Its price €26.00.
*Price: €26.00
*Price may vary

Jar of honey

If you are going to accompany your board with honey, you will love this jar. Its design imitates the traditional format but in high resistance glass. It will bring an original and very chic touch to your table. Its price €11.17.
*Price: €11.17
*Price may vary

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