Amazon Prime has just released the third season of one of its most acclaimed series, Mothers: Love and Life . The medical drama starring Belen Rueda and Aida Folch returns under the slogan A New Beginning and with a batch of 8 episodes. It portrays a journey full of emotion, hope and tenderness. Impatient mothers, doctors and young people who saw how their lives were stopped in time by an illness live together at Los Arcos Hospital .
Almost a year has passed since Olivia, the character played by Aida Folch, took the most important step of her life: becoming a mother . Since she had little Luzin her arms, motherhood has become a place with as many lights as shadows. The absence of Simon and the passion for his work causes the exhaustion of Dr. Zavala .
For her part, since Elsa left for Argentina, Marian (Belen Rueda) has not raised her head . She misses her daughter and cannot stand the silence that reigns in her home. In addition, the terrible COVID-19 pandemic that devastated the world and put the health system in check caused the death of his mother . Faced with this situation, Marian decides to enter as a volunteer in the pediatric ICU of Los Arcos Hospital. There she meets Ruben, a troubled teenager addicted to marijuana and suffering from constant psychotic breaks. Marian becomes involved in his case, becoming part of a complex family dynamic that involves Hector (Carlos Bardem) , Ruben’s adoptive father, and Angela , the boy’s biological mother and with a serious alcohol addiction problem.

Raquel (Hiba Abouk) is one of the characters that is incorporated in this third season. She is a childhood friend of Olivia who arrives at Los Arcos Hospital full of hope and emotion, since she is about to become a mother. However, things don’t go as she expected. The gynecologist who assists the delivery, Dr. Matute, does not bring Raquel’s wishes to fruition and now, encouraged by Lorenzo , her partner, she is willing to denounce the hospital for obstetric violence .
For Luisa ,Andy ‘s departure was a before and after in her life. Apron in hand, she organizes and manages Bar Acapulco with the help of Antonio . They are both happy and their relationship reaches a new level. What exactly are they

Whatever the answer, so many hours together begin to take their toll and a new feeling begins to emerge between them.
Those who are very clear about their relationship are Vicky and Eduardo. Or, at least, that’s what they think. In Eduardo, a desire as beautiful as it is vital has awakened: to be a father . This fact drags the couple a sea of ​​uncertainties, doubts and fears. The arrival of Camila , a resident of the PIR, at the hospital does not help either. It doesn’t take long for Camila to turn Eduardo’s heart upside down .
After breaking down the main keys of the third season, we have been able to speak with Belen Rueda and Aida Folch, two of its main protagonists. Belen Rueda has faced the third season of the series with renewed energy. “When Mediaset Espana informed us that there would be a third season, I received the news with great enthusiasm because that means that the series was liked”, he clarifies. For her part, Aida Folch tells us about the strengths of medical fiction. “ The female point of view of each character is one of the main strengths . They are very different women, each with their own problems. Mothers: Love and life is a series of characters and the public feels very identified with them. It also deals with issues with which you can feel identified, you can see it as a family and that always works”, he highlights.
Aida Folch advances the themes that will make up the new plots of the series. “We are going to talk about obstetric violence, adoption, drug addiction, reconciling professional life with motherhood…” Belen Rueda completes the list of her co-star.“Foster families, alcoholism and the reinvention of the character of Marian are some of the new plot lines of the series . ” Regarding the reinvention of his character, he points out the following. “Marian, who had dedicated herself completely to her daughter, is suddenly left alone because Elsa is going to Argentina with her father. So, all the experience that he has accumulated in the hospital is poured into volunteering”, he points out.
The series, with an eminent female character, reflects struggling mothers who do not always overcome all the obstacles they find on their way. In the words of Belen Rueda, “Madres breaks with the stereotype of the perfect woman and mother who can handle anything . ” In this sense, Aida Folch highlights that they are not perfect.“We made mistakes, we made bad decisions, that’s the beauty of the series . We do what we can, the series is real and very human”, he highlights.
Asked what message they would send to all the mothers who are fighting for the health and well-being of their children, Belen Rueda emphasizes the term “hope” . “Enjoy when something good happens or there is an improvement. I have experienced that personally. For Aida Folch “there are always good people around you who hug you, listen to you and shake your hand when you need it” , she says.

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