The bullfighting fair of fallas, which will be held in Valencia from March 8 to 19 , will have as main attractions the double of Enrique Ponce, the reappearance in Europe of Roca Rey and the return of Morente de la Puebla.
The presentation of the posters for this fair was held at the La Beneficencia Cultural Center, with the assistance of the president of the Provincial Council, Toni Garpar, and the director general of the Agency for Security and Emergency Response, Jose Maria Angel, as well as numerous bullfighters, ranchers and fans. Among the attendees was also Vicente Ruiz El Soro , in his first public appearance after an illness that has forced him to be hospitalized in recent weeks.
The Fallas fair will consist of six bullfights, one with rejones in the morning, two bullfights and one without bullfighters. In addition, the Fallas subscription also includes the bullfight in May in honor of the Virgen de los Desamparados .
In some posters that combine figures of bullfighting and young right-handers, Enrique Ponce’s doublet stands out to celebrate the 30th anniversary of his alternative in his bullring ; the reappearance of Roca Rey in Europe after nine months without fighting in the old continent and the return of Morante de la Puebla after four seasons of absence.

Posters for the Fallas Fair 2020

Sunday, March 8:heifer bullfight without choppers, with cattle from Jandilla-Vegahermosa for Christian Parejo, Emiliano Robledo, Alejandro Penaranda, Nino Julian, Javier Camps and German Vidal ‘El Melli’.

Thursday, March 12: steers from Fuente Ymbro for ‘El Rafi’, Miguel Senent ‘Miguelito’ and Jordi Perez ‘El Nino de las Monjas’.

Friday, March 13: steers from El Parralejo for Diego San Roman, Tomas Rufo and Miguel Polope.

Saturday, March 14: Victoriano del Rio and Cortes bulls for Sebastian Castella, Cayetano and Roca Rey.

Sunday, March 15: Zalduendo bulls for Antonio Ferrera, Morante de la Puebla and Jose Maria Manzanares.

Monday, March 16: Juan Pedro Domecq bulls for the heads-up match between Enrique Ponce and Pablo Aguado.

Tuesday, March 17: Jandilla bulls for David Fandila ‘El Fandi’, Emilio de Justo and Roman.

Wednesday, March 18: bulls from Domingo Hernandez-Garcigrande for Enrique Ponce, Miguel Angel Perera and Paco Urena.

Thursday, March 19 (morning): Fermin Bohorquez bulls for the heads-up between Lea Vicens and Guillermo Hermoso de Mendoza.

Thursday, March 19 (afternoon): Fuente Ymbro bulls for Juan Leal, Jesus Duque and David de Miranda.

Saturday, May 9 (bullfight of the Virgin): Zacarias Moreno steers for Manuel Diosleguarde, Juan Fernando Molina and a position for the successful bullfighter of Fallas.

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