The Poste Board of Directors gave the go-ahead yesterday to the expected four-year strategic plan “2024 Sustain & Innovate”, designed to grow on the basis of the previous Deliver 2022 plan. And this morning before the start of negotiations, the group led by the CEO Matteo Del Fante made it known.
The business plan provides, among the main financial data, a competitive and sustainable dividend policy linked to group performance: an initial dividend per share of 0.55 euros for 2021, + 14% on 2020 (with a payout ratio of 60%), up 6% annually in 2019-2024. Over the plan period, the dividend per share increases by 35%.
And again group revenues up to 12.7 billion in 2024 from 10.5 billion in 2020, with an average compound annual growth rate of 3% in 2019-2024, thanks to the contribution of all business segments. Operating profit is seen at 2.2 billion in 2024 from 1.5 billion in 2020, with a 5% increase, driven by operational efficiency. Net profit is indicated at 1.6 billion in 2024 from 1.2 billion in 2020, with an increase rate of 6% over the same period. Total client financial assets are set at 615 billion in 2024 from a record high of 569 billion in 2020, supported by the evolution of the investment product mix.
In addition, the group is aiming, in terms of investment spending, at a record level of 3.1 billion, between 2021 and 2024, in support of the transformation, with over 60% of investments having ESG characteristics. The net financial position is shown to be stable in the Mail, Parcels and Distribution segment: from -1.9 billion in 2020 to -1.8 billion in 2024, with the generation of operating cash to support investments and the distribution of dividends.
“With our 2024 Sustain & Innovate plan, we are able to build and grow on the solid foundations laid by the Deliver 22 Plan, with achievable goals across all four of our business divisions. Revenues will grow steadily throughout the plan. , with the operating result and net profit up by 5% and 6% respectively, generating an incremental growth in EBIT between 2019 and 2024 of 500 million. After an increase of 14% in 2021, the dividend per share will benefit from annual growth of 6%. The transformation of the Mail and Parcels segment is in full implementation, and it will be the first time that parcels will have a higher impact on revenues than mail, while we will become a full-fledged logistics player. with a sustainable business “,explains Del Fante.
In financial and insurance services, the priority is to become the main point of reference for all customer needs, from savings to insurance and loans, thanks to data driven consultancy services, through all the distribution channels of Poste Italiane. We will take advantage of cross-selling and up-selling skills in the Payments and Mobile segment, confirming the leadership in digital payments, introducing the broadband connection offer and entering the energy market in 2022, with a fair, competitive offer and easy to understand “, adds the manager.
In addition, regarding the anti-Covid vaccination campaign, Del Fante specified: “We are proud of our key role in the national vaccination plan, with approximately 2 million doses of vaccine already delivered, in support of the Italian Army, thanks to our cloud-native technology platform “.
“Poste Italiane is the country’s most valuable engine of innovation and digitization, which physically and digitally connects customers, citizens, businesses and the Public Administration”, concluded the CEO. (All rights reserved)

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