European stock exchanges are trying to confirm the recovery achieved last week when the indices closed on positive balance despite the high volatility environment. At the center of attention remains the war in Ukraine and the attempts of diplomacy to find a solution that stops the Russian invasion. In Piazza Affari the Ftse Mib thus rises by 1.88% to 23.462 points, even better does Frankfurt (+ 2.52%), while Paris marks a + 1.22% and London a + 0.25%.
On the other side of the Atlantic Wall Street futures are also traveling higher with the Dow Jones climbing 0.78% and the S&P 0.62%. The expectation of the market and also for the Fed summit on Wednesday, in which the market expects the US central institution to initiate the tightening of monetary policy with a rate hike of 25 basis points. Yields are on the rise with the market that seems to be hoping for new talks and speculating down on new issues in the European Union. The BTP / Bund spread is now at 159 points with the 10-year BTP yield rising to 1.942%, while the Treasury rises over 2% to 2.089%, the highest since 2019.
To slip on the hypothesis of a relaxation of the conflict and instead the oil that loses between three and four percentage points in the middle of the first session of the week. Brent fell 3.44% to 108.79 dollars a barrel, while WTI April slipped 4.19% to 104.73 dollars. The decline in gas prices on the European market also continues, returning to the values ​​at the end of February, marking a decrease of 11.14% to 116.60 euros per megawatt hour. The price of gold also fell slightly (-0.93%) to 1,966 dollars an ounce.
On the foreign exchange market, the euro / dollar did not move much at 1.0941 (+ 0.55%), the greenback against the yen also rose (+ 0.46%) to 117, while the pound rose by 0, 14% on the American currency at 130. The dollar on the ruble fell, losing 1.24% to 112.87, the Russian currency on international markets also gained ground on the single currency which is now worth 119.57 rubles (-1, 18%). The Russian Central Bank intends to adopt a new way to calculate the official exchange rate of the ruble against the dollar after Western sanctions in response to the invasion of Ukraine have thrown Moscow currency prices in turmoil.
Meanwhile, in mainland China there is a new record of Covid-19 infections, the peak since the country repressed the pandemic in 2020, with the main cities rushing to limit commercial activity. Shenzhen, the largest manufacturing center city in Guangdong Province, told all companies not involved with essential public services to suspend production or have employees work from home for a week starting Monday.
Looking at the share price, Tim jumps to + 5.89% after the board of directors gave a mandate to the president, Salvatore Rossi, and to the CEO, Pietro Labriola, to initiate a formal and further dialogue with Kkr over the weekend. already undertaken informally in recent months. Purchases on industrials Pirelli (+ 4.42%) and Cnh Industrial (+ 4.06%), Buzzi Unicem (+ 3.89%), Interpump (+ 2.91%). Bper banks (+ 5.86%), Intesa Sanpaolo (4.2%), Mediobanca (+ 4.14%), Banca Generali (+ 3.49%) also did well. On the other hand, Tenaris (-1.04%), Terna (-1.08%), Snam (-0.73%) and Eni (-0.65%) lost their share, held back by the drop in oil prices. (All rights reserved)

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