The presence of women in social life is a completely real phenomenon. Her role in society, in the family and in the Church remains a topic of great relevance and of great importance. A modern and democratic society that respects itself should recognize the right of women to take an active part in political life – in the broad sense of the word – and not only, recognizing their contribution not so much in the activity itself, but in the way of carrying out these activities. functions, because they are capable of contributing with particular nuances that are typical of its nature.
It is not a claim of equality, nor of uniformity with regard to man, a sort of “imitation” of male models. The question is not whether it is worth more or less than men: women are simply different. “We must promote the integration of women in the places where important decisions are made.” Francesco urges them to be taken into greater consideration, to break the glass ceiling that exists in every area of ​​social life, making them protagonists in the design of measures that affect the life of families, educational environments and the future of young people.
Stressing several times his way of responding to the challenges of the moment, Francis, on the occasion of the World Day of Peace, urged to promote mothers and protect women because it is often against them that the shameful “violence that bloody our houses, our families and our society “.
The health emergency has highlighted the urgent need to start a regeneration of our development model towards a more just, more supportive and sustainable model towards what represents the source of life par excellence. Amiable, polite, fine and delicate, not weak. “I am like that – Francis speaks lovingly about women – capable of looking with the heart and of keeping dreams and concreteness together”. Recognizing that particular vocation to care which, as educators, they are capable of transmitting, they will be an engine of transformation, a guarantee of respect for authentic human values.
We met Anna Maria Tarantola, economist, manager, wife, mother of two children, former manager of the Bank of Italy and former President of RAI.You have held positions at the highest level within institutions in unimaginable times. How he lived this experience
I lived it very well. I had the chance to do several things; first of all to establish relationships of mutual esteem and strong collaboration with my colleagues who held similar roles, but also I have activated a very intense relationship of dialogue and work with all my collaborators, managing to make a contribution not only with my knowledge, but also my thoughts as a woman. It is important for women to be able to reach leadership and responsibility roles because their way of seeing and approaching problems is different. Their contribution, together with that of men, also brings better results from an economic point of view.Sometimes we have in mind that the equality between man and woman is equivalent to an “imitation” of the male model. What do you think
I am very opposed to this and I must say that achieving equality is a matter of dignity, social justice, fair competition and a fight against the poverty of women. I personally believe that in order to have an opportunity for growth and fulfillment, to express my talent, in politics, in business, as in institutions, a woman does not need to imitate the attitudes of a man. Frankly, I can’t understand what sense it makes to have to assimilate the male model to emerge. I find it right for women to achieve working dignity and status without having to give up their feminine qualities and characteristics, which are what make them special. Diversity is a wealth, and that between man and woman is an inestimable wealth, which benefits our whole society.What are the potentialities, the virtues, that a woman can offer and that we are unable to capitalize
With her ability to be empathetic, the woman is able to better understand people’s problems. A woman’s treasure
Being very pragmatic! He keeps his feet firmly on the ground and is capable of having a far-sighted, longer-term vision; she is more cautious than man and less individualistic. But above all its strength and strong predisposition to care, we also see it in our homes. Let alone how important the contribution of his sensitivity can be in the complex situation we are experiencing! Now more than ever we need to have leaders who are highly sensitive to the care of relationships, the environment, towards the other. It is a vision more oriented towards sustainability and solidarity. In the history of our country we have seen authoritative female figures in command, examples of strong institutional figures. Perhaps this is not the time to give more space to women in institutions
Certainly yes, but unfortunately there are still many stereotypes, prejudices, we are anchored to the patriarchal culture and it is difficult to unhinge it immediately; it is a cultural problem that adds to regulatory problems and the availability of support tools and as such we have to work on different levels. Starting from education is the first step, but this work requires time and determination. For example, in favor of the family, progress is being seen on the issue of parental leave. Sharing a woman’s parental role with the pope, which is a beautiful thing, is an important measure not to be underestimated. Also because when a company has to choose a manager of great responsibility, already knowing that the woman could take maternity leave, in the end they will opt for the man. So if for both of us there was, in the future,Give me an example …
When I was in the Bank of Italy I had direct experience with some very talented and highly skilled women, who, due not only to motherhood, but also to the fact of having to take care, as well as the care of children, of parents who fall ill with age, become frail and have an increasing need for assistance, have found themselves faced with a difficult and sometimes unjust choice: that of choosing between work or looking after the family. Well… they all chose families and quit their jobs! Here, if you allow me, we open up a great discussion … we must have great support, of all kinds, even the help of the husband, because in the end everything weighs on the woman. Sharing rather than conciliation should be the key word.Pope Francis stressed the issue of violence against women in our society as an act of cowardice and degradation for all humanity. Where do we have to start again, what is the missing pivot
The causes are many, and a very serious problem that causes many side effects. Unfortunately, we are still pervaded by a patriarchal culture that puts women in the condition of the object of men’s possession. This means that we are still in their employ, that we are not fully free to choose because they are subtly intimidated. When ‘you’ woman start exercising your sacrosanct freedom, ‘I’ don’t want to, and I hit you. And this theme of violence is closely linked to the theme of inequality and economic dependence. If we want to change things we need a real and concrete policy of equal opportunities, of rights, of the possibility of concrete situations. The violence suffered exclusively and only for the fact of being a woman is an unacceptable phenomenon! We can’t allow it, they create a deep pain, often irreparable. An extensive training and correct information project is needed.In light of the pandemic, a woman has been chosen for the third time to cover the role of president of the European Parliament. And a good omen for our country.
It could not also be an example of breaking the mold
Italy, in Europe, is represented by three women of excellence: the president of the European commission, Ursula Von Der Leyen, the president of the European Central Bank, Christina Lagarde and now the president of the European parliament, Roberta Matsola. This is a good omen for us too! Where there are women in charge, positive signs and progress are seen, demonstrating that the ‘fair sex’ has skills, competences, talents, aspects that deserve to be valued, and, allow me a word, that they are also “used” . We represent the goal of the world and why we could not make a female contribution to the solution of the great problems we are experiencing today How to say … a sign that things could truly embrace the future
I hope that our rulers and politicians are truly capable of managing the complexity we are experiencing with great discernment, because it is a very special moment in which, as the Holy Father recalls, we have a unique opportunity to change things, to start that regeneration process which means not only rebuilding but regenerating, which is another thing.

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