With the launch of Phase 2, the Government allows the opening of swimming pools to the public . If all goes well and Andalucia exceeds the indicators assessed by the Ministry of Health to go to Phase 2, many will be able to calm their desire for summer, although a prior appointment is necessary for this .
As of Monday 25 , according to the latest modifications published in the BOE last weekend, the recreational pools will be able to reopen their doors, although they will not be able to exceed a maximum capacity of 30% of the total and the number of bathers who are inside. of swimming pools should be controlled at all times. In fact, from the Ministry of Health they ask thatdouble the surface area per person in open spaces and, in the case of indoor pools, even triple the space.
In addition, the Government requires that shift schedules be established for users who come to take a bath and it will not be possible to use the showers in the changing rooms or the water sources.
As recommendations for swimmers, Health emphasizes that “all personal items such as towels, cream jars, exclusive-use footwear, backpacks, etc. They must remain within the established security perimeter and avoid contact with other users.
They also emphasize the importance of maintaining a safe distanceof at least two meters between person and person that has been established to prevent the spread of the virus.
In addition, as established by the protocol, “the hospitality establishments that are located in the pool must follow those corresponding to this sector . And, the sports facilities and playgrounds may not be used until this is established in the appropriate de-escalation phase.

Extreme hygiene

Another of the indications in which the government protocol places special emphasis is on cleaning the facilities and extreme hygiene measures.
Among the measures that must be taken into account, the Ministry of Health recommendsdisinfect all existing furniture in the facilities such as taps, railings or doorknobs at least twice a day .To do this, Health asks that disinfection be carried out with single-use cloths and with disinfectant solutions such as freshly prepared 1:50 bleach or other government-approved virucides.
Since so far there is no evidence that the coronavirus can be transmitted through water, the protocol only indicates that the pool be cleaned with chlorine as has been done until now.

The boom of portable pools
The uncertainty of what this summer of the ‘new normal’ will be like, and the conditions for using public and community pools, has made many jump headlong into buying a removable pool to install on their terrace, patio or garden.
The demand for inflatable pools has skyrocketed in the month of April throughout Spain, reaching over 350% compared to the previous year. The ease of assembly and disassembly, maintenance suitable for all pockets and the ease of being able to use them as soon as you receive them at home are its great assets.

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