When you have to buy a swimming pool, before throwing yourself on the first tempting opportunity, you have to make several evaluations . First of all you have to think about whether you want an inground pool or an above ground pool, and then you have to evaluate style, shape, size. A swimming pool, in fact, is not just a body of water where you can have fun during the summer, a swimming pool is, above all, a furnishing accessory that gives character to the house and which, in some cases, can increase its value. Here is a brief guide to buying a swimming pool. What to consider when buying a swimming pool
The first consideration to do, as mentioned, is whether an in-ground or above-ground swimming pool is needed. What is the difference between these two types of pools
Above ground pools are pools of different types. This category includes several models made with various materials and which are well suited to both exteriors and interiors.
In the collective imagination, however, the above ground pool is often a container with an unpleasant aesthetic, minimal dimensions and which clashes with the rest of the garden. In reality, it is enough to look at the types of above ground pools at Piscinelaghetto to understand that it is a prejudice that responds to an outdated pool idea.
Inground pools , on the other hand, are the classic pools for which you need to dig in the garden, so you have to think carefully whether you are willing to tackle this type of work or not.Advantages and disadvantages of inground pools
With an inground pool, of course, we can create a body of water in our garden that integrates perfectly into its context. It is a type of pool that has a longer life than above ground pools, provided that maintenance is carried out in the right way. Among the other positive aspects of the inground pool, that is, without a doubt, that it can be customized according to one’s needs and tastes. However, if one looks very small, it will be good to opt for an above ground solution.
Let’s see the disadvantages instead. First of all, the fact that an authorization must be requested from the municipalitywhere you intend to carry out the excavation, the directives in this regard change according to the region. Therefore, a project is required which must be filed with the municipality after being signed by a technician. Usually, however, to simplify the whole procedure, it is sufficient to submit to the municipality either a declaration of start of activity, DIA , or a certified notification of start of activity, SCIA.
The work has a duration that depends on the shape, the size of the pool, and the ground. Above ground
pools Above ground pools can be chosen based on what is actually the space available. Then there are models that are really very easy, very easy to assemble and which can even be stored for the winter without encumbrance. Certain modelsthey are assembled in a few hours and without the need for the help of an expert. But there are also extremely elegant above-ground pools.
Thanks to new technologies, in fact, above ground pools are made of very resistant materials and can therefore last over time.
But that’s not all, because one of the advantages is that they can also be installed indoors . Of course not all, but there are models with whirlpool that adapt perfectly to the interior spaces and the veranda, or a terrace. The accessories
Before buying the pool, however, once you have decided on the type, you will have to think about what type of filter to use, which purification systemand what cleaning method. Last but not least, the towel to cover the pool should also be chosen, especially in the case of pools that will remain in the garden for all seasons, regardless of whether they are underground or not.
Clearly the prices can vary a lot , but this is quite logical, by virtue of the fact that they are in-ground pools or not, by the size, by the materials.

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