When books and culture populate the television, we all jump for joy. There is too little talk of the world of publishing, of the news, of the emerging writers who swarm our country. For this reason, we want to talk to you about the fourth edition of a program dedicated to just this: it is called Play Books and it is scheduled on RaiPlay. Play Books
Play Book gives space not only to films, series and documentaries, but also to in-depth sections dedicated entirely to books and the vast world of publishing. This magazine that goes to the discovery of the authors and the most interesting literary novelties, Italian and international. This year we find it with a renewed graphic layout and an even more informal edition, with all the columns of last season and the addition of a new space dedicated to young Italian and international writers.
Each episode begins with a new column, led by Ilaria Gaspari, which starting from an emotion will indicate the theme of the episode: nostalgia, wonder, regret and so on for all ten appointments. Following will develop and alternate services and columns dedicated to the reality of publishing with an eye to generation Z. Vittorio Castelnuovo has also inaugurated a series of Extra Books: ten episodes / face to face meetings with personalities not necessarily linked to the world of books, but whose experience has marked aspects of Italian and international culture. Books on TV
As mentioned, Ilaria Gaspari begins each episode by introducing herself into an emotion, a particular mood to follow. During the premiere, which aired on November 11, you talked about nostalgia. Ilaria Gaspari told where this emotion comes from: from the first medical studies that defined it as a disease, to the verses of romantic poets. Among the guests two foreign writers: the French Miguel Bonnefoy, with his novel about the Lonsonier family of winemakers, escaped from the French countryside infested by phylloxera of the vine and refugees in South America, and the German Judith Schalansky, winner of the Strega Europe 2020 Prize with his “ Inventory of some lost things ”.
In the comics section, the Chinese artist Yi Yang presented “Easy Breezy”, his latest work, to Play Books. It is the story of a group of boys, in a thrilling crime comedy set in China in the 90s, while the young actress Flaure BB Kabore interpreted Silvia Bre’s poem “Listen, I had an avenue”. This episode also inaugurated a new section dedicated to videogames inspired by books: it was the turn of “The Witcher” from the saga of the same name written by Andrzej Sapkowski. The film, taken from the RaiPlay catalog and “The journey to Santiago” with Martin Sheen. Why see it
Playbook is a program consisting of episodes that are only 15 minutes long. But in this short time you will be able to discover, and sometimes rediscover, the world of books, of your favorite characters, of the most hidden emotions. As always he manages to do art, the first trip will be ours and it will be the inner one. Vittorio Castelnuovo and Ilaria Gaspari will be able to thrill us and above all they will be able to make literature something tangible, close to everyday life.

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