In full reaction to regain the first place in the audiences that Antena 3 has taken as soon as possible, Telecinco keeps the best installments of Planeta Calleja, Cuatro space. After the special with Saul Craviotto last Sunday from La Palma, tomorrow at ten o’clock at night the trip recorded by the lioness with Kiko Rivera, who toured paradisiacal places in Nepal, and which ended due to problems due to covid, premieres. in last spring.
Telecinco offers this program, among other reasons, due to the confessions of a bad relationship that Kiko has with his mother, Isabel Pantoja, content of interest to the regular public of the Mediaset network.A bureaucratic error regarding the hours in which the PCR had to have been carried out to travel from Nepa forced the Planeta Calleja team to stay one more day in the Asian country, as the delivery will reflect.
The expedition member assures that they were never afraid in the recordings this past season with the restrictions. “We had more precautions, but not fear.We chose the countries that are cleanest of covid and we have not had problems.” “This situation has contributed to the fact that “this year the conversations have been more intense, more curious and emotional,” he adds.
It was during the trip with Kiko Rivera to Nepal when they got the biggest scare scare. “In Nepal, an alert did go off, because in just one week the cases skyrocketed due to its proximity to India. We saw how they burned the dead, we were confined to the hotel, a horror. We had to advance the dates and shoot faster. The day after our return to Spain, they closed the country”, recalled the director and host of Planeta Calleja.

The route of Kiko Rivera and Jesus Calleja

Kiko and Jesus begin the adventure in Swayambhunath , the Temple of the Monkeys in Kathmandu . From there They go to the Trishuli river to do a rafting that Kiko describes as “the greatest experience of my life to this day.” The rapids of the descent cause eventhat he is thrown from the boat and ends up floating in the icy waters that come down from the Himalayas, but the incident does not prevent him from enjoying the activity to the fullest.
In the Chitwan National Park , Kiko lives an intimate experience with elephants , accompanying them on their daily walk and bathing with them. Due to the sudden confinement of the country due to the pandemic, Kiko and Jesus are forced to return to Kathmandu and conclude the trip in Pashupatinath , the sacred place where Nepalese burn their dead , where Kiko will be deeply impressed.

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