Pietro Castellitto: 30 years in a few months and son of art (Sergio Castellitto and Margaret Mazzantini). Today the actor has two David di Donatello nominations for “I predatori”: best new director and original screenplay and the series on Totti which sees him playing the former captain of Roma is scheduled on Sky. Castellitto He gave an interview in Corriere della Sera, to talk about his latest successes, but some of his statements have sparked more than one controversy. Nietzsche, the #MeToo movement and the enraged Social Media audience come into play. Castellitto and Nietzsche: what is the “will to power”
Pietro Castellitto, in his interview in the “Corriere” mentioned one of the most complex and even the most misunderstood concepts of Nietzsche’s thought: that of «will to power». The will to power is not in fact a simplistic affirmation of oneself in spite of others or an exaltation of the strength of man. And, instead, a confidence in the possibility of radically renewing one’s values . A constant and unlimited possibility to regenerate one’s beliefs, one’s values. A revolutionary concept that aimed to overthrow static Western thinking. At the basis of this, however, there is also the famous and complex theme of wanting to overturn every physical and rational conception of time ., intended only as a linear succession of moments that go from the past to the future. In the philosopher’s most famous book, ” Cosi speak Zarathustra “, time is composed of two opposite lines, past and future, which meet in eternity. For this Nietzsche affirms that time has no absolute beginning and no “end”. In this way Nietzsche returns to criticize and overthrow all the dominant beliefs in Western civilization, undermining their rational cornerstones.
Because Pietro Castellitto wrote the name well, a little less everything else pic.twitter.com/sl4YGFSvNk
– Because in trend
(@TrendenzaPerche) April 12, 2021 You suffered a violence
Write #MeToo

Pietro Castellitto mentions the “MeToo” movement. But what is
it And why has it been defined as “full of hypocrisy

In recent times, fortunately, there is a lot of focus on raising awareness on Gender-Based violence. Just think of the data, which make it necessary to reflect and to be very active.
The World Health Organization has shown that, worldwide, about 35% of women have experienced physical and / or sexual violence by men with whom, in many cases, they had an intimate relationship. In Italy, according to an ISTAT survey, 31.5% of women between 16 and 70 years of age have suffered a form of physical or sexual violence during their life, 23.3% have suffered psychological or economic violence, 16.1% have been object of stalking.
Among the campaigns and movements aimed at carrying out the battles against gender-based violence, we find “Me too”. #MeToo is nothing more than a campaign born on social media. The aim
is to share experiences of harassment and gender-based sexual violence. The hashtag is estimated to have been used by millions of people in at least 85 countries around the planet. The controversy on twitter against Pietro Castellitto
Pietra Castellitto states “through the monument to the hypocrisy of Me Too, a sacrosanct battle, but if Kevin Spacey puts his hand on my thigh I move it, I won’t ruin his life by asking for money” and it is immediately controversy .
Here are some of the comments on Twitter
“Problem of sexual assaults SOLVED by Pietro Castellitto. Thanks King ”
“If they put their hand on your thigh, just move it, you can’t ruin the life of the molesters, understood
” The recommended Pietro Castellitto tells you. But when these people begin to remain silent forever

” Congratulations to Pietro Castellitto, I must say that the studies in philosophy have been very fruitful. ”
“Now I wonder what Mazzantini thinks of the words of her son (Pietro Castellitto), I’m really curious.”
“Have you read girls?
According to Pietro Castellitto just move your hand, strange that no one has thought of it before”
“Pietro Castellitto inconveniences Nietzsche and the will to power, then we also remember another concept of Nietzsche: the eternal return, in this case of a man who didn’t understand anything. ”
“We thank Pietro Castellitto who teaches us to move the hand. Ah and if you say that we are the ones who misunderstand it, he would explain it to us since he is cultured thanks to Nietzsche. ”
“Yet another (unsolicited) advice from a man on how to avoid harassment. “

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