“The success of “ DOC- In your hands ”
Doc is all of us! Doc and one who falls and gets up. And he does it with determination, passion and attention to others: “the attention dedicated to the patient and what everyone would like to be reserved in the hospital”.
With these words Pierdante Piccioni comments on the overwhelming success for the events of the ward led by Andrea Fanti , the character played by Luca Argentero born on the inspiration of what really happened to the doctor Piccioni. Following a car accident on May 31, 2013, he went into a coma and lost 12 years of memory due to an injury to the cerebral cortex.
The story is told in the book “Minus twelve. Losing my memory and regaining it: my struggle to reconstruct the years and the life I have forgotten ”, which was the very starting point of the“ Doc ”series. May 31, 2013
Pierdante Piccioni, director of the Emergency Department of the Lodi hospital, has a car accident and goes into a coma. When he wakes up, a few hours later, he is convinced that it is October 25, 2001, the eighth birthday of his son Tommaso. Due to a brain injury, twelve years of his life disappeared, “sucked into a black hole”.
Suddenly he has become someone else, he cannot understand where the twists and turns of life have led him. He believes he is a provincial doctor and not an established head physician. He does not recognize the children, those children that he accompanied to elementary school every morning, now they are two adults and have beards. He does not recognize his wife, that familiar face that is beside him now and marked by the signs of time. He does not recognize himself, that aged man who seems to scrutinize him while he looks in the mirror now seems almost a stranger.
At first only dismay and disbelief for that new condition, but the feelings gradually turn into anger “I suddenly felt swallowed by a time machine without knowing how to get out of it”.
Pierdante finds himself having to take off the clothes of the doctor to put on those of the patient. The past
To the question: “Who was Pierdante Piccioni before the accident
” He replies: “A correct but ruthless doctor, one of those who think: he commands who knows, that is me. I was the primary with a capital P “. An attitude that in the past had earned him the nickname of “bastard prince”. He also says “when I woke up from my black hole I discovered, from the stories of the people who were close to me, that I had been many things: university professor, consultant to the Ministry of Health and also co-founder of the Academy of Emergency Medicine and Care “. The period of rehabilitation
A hard and complicated period, “I remained completely still at work, then the return to the hospital but no contact with the sick. My bosses at the time considered me lost ”. Years of rehabilitation and study, to access a series of tests, practical and psycho-aptitude exams, to go back to wearing the gown. “The years of rehabilitation for me were the years of the master, not in medicine but in patientology”. He is so convinced that he also includes this wording in his curriculum vitae.
Piccioni never recovered those 12 years of life, but despite everything he managed to put together the puzzle of a life that seemed to have shattered and went back to being a doctor. The present
Today Piccioni works in Lodi, within a new unit of integration between hospital, territory and appropriateness of care. His mission is “to help the sick who have come out of the acute phase, so as not to make them feel abandoned” as he has long felt.
Thanks to his story he has become “an empathic doctor, whom he explains, keeps quiet and listens: he treats the person, not his blood sugar, but above all offers hope”.
And the forgotten years
“I still don’t remember anything about the 12 years forgotten because of the accident, I only have related memories.”
There is, however, a fixed, indelible point: his family. “The accident stole a piece of my life but it did not affect the values, the affections, the foundations of my life”.
The LuxVide medical drama is inspired by this beautiful personal and professional story. Covid and the new season
The new season tells the experience of Italian hospitals dealing with the Covid emergency . And here the fiction is doubly intertwined with reality: if the first point of contact is the personal story of the real man with the protagonist of the series who comes to terms with the temporal void of memories, the second intersection is created by history, that of our days, struggling with the Coronavirus.
Doctor Fanti of the second season is forced to fight with the virus as well as Pierdante Piccioni in real life. The former head of the emergency room of Codogno, a hospital symbol of the pandemic, followed from the first moment and on the front line the patients in remission from Covid-19, “and my team who decided and decides who can be transferred from the ward or resigned “. The involvement within the series
“I was, we can say, the screenwriter for the medical part. If the first season had been much more autobiographical towards my story, now the characters begin to walk on their own legs, we discuss on how to tell medical cases. All of which are true, pathologies that have actually occurred. Of course, then a little fictional, but the diseases are real “.The relationship with the actors
“The closest relationship is with Argentero, a beautiful friendship was born with him. But, as in fiction also in reality, there is the specialist of the heart: Pierpaolo Spollon “.

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