The skin aging process affects us all, with timing and methods that vary from person to person; opposing this process is one of the greatest desires on the part of men and women, but due to the countless factors that interact in the evolution of this process there is no single and permanent solution.

Skin aging: how it occurs

Skin aging is natural and occurs in 2 different ways :
Intrinsic skin aging , which represents chronological aging and affects the skin in the same way it affects the other organs of the body; the skin regeneratesperiodically, replacing the oldest and most damaged cells of the epidermis with new ones; over time, this cell regeneration process slows down.
However, the main factor in the aging process is genetics ; not all people age in the same way, the genes that have been transmitted to us contribute to the aging process of the skin, controlling various natural processes that lead it to age more or less rapidly. Hormonal changes also affect skin aging by causing the loss of collagen and elastin fibers with the consequent lack of the skin’s natural defenses.
Extrinsic skin aging , is the result of the influence of external factors due to the environment in which we live. With the slowing down of the regeneration process, the skin becomes thinner and subject to the damage that external agents such as the sun , climatic conditions and pollution can cause.

The external causes of skin aging Prolonged exposure to the sun
‘s rays leads to accelerated aging by meeting the so-called photo-aging (or photo-aging ); skin damage is caused by ultraviolet lightsolar ( UV ), which breaks down elastin in the skin and can lead to the formation of:
– Wrinkles
– Spots
– Formations of skin tumors
– Unpleasant dilation of the capillaries
– Less elasticity of the skin.

Air pollution can attack the skin, decreasing its oxygenation as well as cigarette smoke irritates and “suffocates” it. These particular factors greatly affect the acceleration or slowdown of the aging process causing skin hyperpigmentation which may initially manifest itself with the appearance of freckles which can subsequently evolve into real.age spots .

Another determining factor in the aging process of our skin and nutrition: “We are what we eat” and in fact the balance and health of an individual are very dependent on the lifestyle we lead, especially as regards the power supply. Our skin is very affected by the quality of our diet .

What changes in the skin Skin

aging involves changes in the appearance and characteristics of the skin including:
Wrinkles , which are the most visible sign of aging of the face and are due to the loss of elasticity of the skin; they can behorizontal on the forehead, vertical above the nose or curves on the temples, upper cheeks and around the mouth and eyes. Wrinkles cannot be cured in and of themselves, but their appearance can be improved, thanks to aesthetic medical treatments such as hyaluronic acid injections to fill them and botulinum injections to temporarily inhibit their formation. From a cosmetological point of view, they can be improved by the constant use of products designed to stimulate the production of collagen by fibroblasts , such as, for example, formulations of specific creams , as discussed in the other articles.
Dryness and itchiness of the skin : Dryness and peeling of the skin is a common problem among adults, particularly the elderly . The best treatment for dry skin is moisturizers.
Age spots : “Age spots” are dark, hyper-pigmented spots that appear on the sun-exposed parts of the body (face, hands and forearms). Specific treatments can be useful in prevention, such as suitable sun creams.
In conclusion, the best prevention strategy :
– Adopt a healthier lifestyle; not smoking; do not take alcohol in high measures.
– Take a healthy and balanced diet.
– Constant use of a UV protection cream at any age.
– Use of creams that keep the skin hydrated.
– Undergo functional cosmetic / medical / aesthetic treatments, rich in active ingredients capable of penetrating deeply, acting on the cells responsible for aging.

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