Physical activity and the immune system are directly proportional. Sport is one of the essential components to increase the body’s defenses and prepare it to intervene better against pathogens. It represents a natural and healthy way to allow the body to have an overall regenerated and healthy state. Physical activity
is one of the main supports for the immune system , it helps to improve physical fitness, but also resistance against external / internal agents, essential for combating respiratory system disorders. The basic rule, regardless of one’s age, in order to strengthen the immune system, is not to lead a sedentary life, but to follow a regular training program, which is obviously indicated based on the athletic preparation and predisposition of the person.
It is very important to avoid any type of do-it-yourself activity without first consulting a specialist, start exclusively with exercises already tested in the gym or a simple light run on the spot. It is not necessary to go to the gym to do some exercises, these can be done comfortably at home, even just twenty minutes a day. Sport , combined with a healthy and balanced diet , is essential for helping the immune system.
Obviously it is important to practice sports in a light way, without exaggerating, especially when you are not familiar or do not already practice daily. Everyone can start with a few simple exercises and then gradually build up physical endurance. Sports programs are useful because they also improve the sleep-wake rhythm and therefore the overall quality of life.

Physical activity at home: how to start from scratch
Physical activity allows you to regulate cellular aging , to have a better mood , a high quality of sleep and more energy. It also benefits brain health and makes the body stronger overall. It is not always possible to go out to the park to go for a run and above all not everyone is so trained as to sustain such a relaxation.
If you too want to start exercising at home to improve your immune system, you can start with small and simple steps. The important thing, however, is to start, albeit with a few exercises a day, in order not to always postpone. This helps to combat everyday sedentariness, which in a historical moment like the present one, where everyone is at home working in smart working, is even more acute.
But it is important to do it gradually, first once or twice a week, then every other day. An initial program can consist of a twenty-minute pattern of light training and then be gradually intensified over time. Fitness at home , in addition to reducing unnecessary costs, allows you to practice movement at any time of the day when you have some free time available. No tools or heavy weights are needed to keep the body in shape and strengthen the immune system , all you need is willpower and a small space.
The best workouts are precisely those that are performed free body, involving arms, legs and back muscles. The important thing is to always carry outfive minutes of warm-up before performing even a light workout, in this way the body prepares for the effort. Even if you work at home on your exercises you must always be very careful, the muscles when they are rigid can be easily compromised.
Then you can alternate a bit of running in place with abdominals, squats, pushups, lunges. Always ending with five minutes of muscle relaxationto bring the body back to a starting state. In the first few days it is easy to feel intense pain, especially when you are not prepared, however this must be the engine that pushes you to continue. You can also turn to experts online for the realization of plans prepared individually or, if you are already used to physical exercise, you can try your hand at tutorials and online videos (as long as they come from accredited channels).

How the Immune System Changes When Exercising
When exercising, the immune system changes, especially as regards the spread of white blood cells. The neutrophilic granulocytesthey increase, especially if physical activity is intense. During the period of physical exertion and the following hour these are particularly high. Then they lower again and the defenses return to normal, but strengthened. Studies show that the immune system of people who exercise and stay active is stronger and more robust.
However, one must not exceed in training, under penalty of overtraining (which occurs only in particular situations of excessive physical effort). The activity is not only directly important because it supports the function of the immune system . but also indirectly, in particular due to the correlation between this and the quality of sleep .

Sport balances the defensive activity of the body
By improving the overall state of the body, a direct positive influence is obtained on the onset of other pathologies. When exercising regularly, the body can get a powerful natural anti-inflammatory that does not wear off with the work itself, but continues to protect it afterwards. It is very important to lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle . So 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day, 20/30 minutes of exercise, no cigarettes or alcohol. Continuous physical activity allows you to regulate the balance between the mechanisms of action of our body and external attacks. In combination with physical activity it can be useful to use natural supplementsbased on echinacea , tea tree oil , vitamin C and propolis to further strengthen the immune system .
Exercise is essential for the quality of sleep . Therefore it allows to create a chain reaction, stimulating other important aids for the organic immunity . If physical activity helps the immune system by regenerating cells, it also gives more energy. In turn, it allows you to enjoy a sleep of at least seven / eight hours a night with an improved quality compared to those who are overweight or sedentary.

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