Phuket Island is the largest and most populated in Thailand , with an area of ​​approximately 800 square km. It is also called the Pearl of the Andaman for its splendid beaches (among the most famous Patong Beach, Nai Yang, Rawai, Kata, Kamala). It is also loved by international tourism for the attractions that can be visited (such as the Statue of the Great Bhudda in Phuket Town) and because it is the starting point for some unique places in the world, such as Phang Nga Bay and Phi Phi Island.

Travel informed: useful information

  • Inhabitants : about 395,000
  • Capitale : Phuket Town
  • Languages : the most widely spoken language is Thai. Widespread and English.
  • Local currency: the local currency and the Thai Bath (€ 1.00 = 37.77 thai bath)
  • Climate : tropical, hot all year round, with heavy rains from May to October and a dry period from December to March. Temperatures are high all year round (the average temperature fluctuates between 27 and 29 degrees).
  • Time zone : GMT +7 (5 hours ahead of Italy)
  • Vaccinations : no vaccinations required. Vaccination for hepatitis A, hepatitis B and Typhus is recommended but not necessary.
  • Entry requirements : you need a passport with a residual validity of at least 6 months from the day of arrival. The visa is required for tourist stays longer than 30 days.
  • Distance from Italy : about 9,100 km, and about 11-12 hours of flight.
  • Information on safety : visit the Thailand section on the Farnesina website
  • Travel / health insurance : recommended. With us you get a 10% discount and you have full coverage, 24h medical insurance and unlimited telephone advice. Get
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Where it is
Phuket Island is located on the Andaman Sea and is the largest island in Thailand. It is located approximately 860 km away from Bangkok and is connected to the mainland by a road bridge, the Sarasin Bridge.
In practice, it is located in the southern appendix of Thailand, before the border with Malaysia.

How to get there and how

to get around There are no direct flights to get there. The main stops are in Istanbul, Bangkok or Doha, prices start from € 420.00 and the duration of the flight is at least 11/12 hours. Phuket International Airport is located about 30 km north of the city, to which it is connected by taxi which takes about 1 hour (price 835 bath / € 25.00).
For to move around the city and among the various attractions, very cheap buses are available, but we advise you to avoid them as they are limited and inefficient (they only connect the center with the main beaches). The best solution is to rely on taxis, tuk tuk and songthaew (a kind of shared taxi), which allow you to reach any place for a modest amount. Also avoid renting vehicles, as the traffic is hellish.

When to go
Info on climate and best period

Month Average temperatures (min / max) Precipitation (days / mm) January 23/31 ° 4 days / 35 mm
February 23/31 ° 3 days / 40 mm
March 23/31 ° 6 days / 75 mm
April 22/31 ° 15 days / 125 mm
May 20/31 ° 19 days / 295 mm
June 19/29 ° 19 days / 265 mm
July 18/29 ° 17 days / 215 mm
August 18/29 ° 17 days / 245 mm
September 19/31 ° 19 days / 325 mm
October 20/32 ° 19 days / 315 mm
November 22/32 ° 14 days / 195 mm
December 23/31 ° 8 days / 80 mm

  • Climate : dry from December to March, wet with rain and monsoons from May to October. Average temperatures between 27 and 29 degrees: the hottest month is April (25-33 degrees), followed by May, June and July (25-31 degrees). The coldest month is January (23-31 degrees). The sea temperature fluctuates between 28 degrees in December – January – February and 30 in April – May – June.
  • Best time: due to weather conditions, the best time is from December to March. For surfing, the best time is from June to September, when the sea waves are higher.
  • Period to avoid : in terms of climate, the worst periods are May-June and September-October due to heavy rains and the possibility of monsoons.
  • Advice : light clothing should not be missing in the suitcase given the high temperatures, sunscreen, swimsuit, sarong and beach hat. Always carry an umbrella.

What to see in Phuket: beaches and places of interest

1 – Phuket Town
The entire peninsula is renowned for its natural beauty, mainly due to the sea, but we assure you that even the city of Phuket has a great charm between history and shopping streets , all enclosed in Phuket Town, which represents the heart of the city and the peninsula .
The true essence of Phuket lies along Thalang Road, a street of traditional houses, colonial mansions and historic craft shopswhich contribute to maintaining the ancient atmosphere of the city. Here they master the murals and street food! In addition, the city is dotted with museums such as the Trickeye Museum, small temples and shrines such as Wat Put Jaw, excellent restaurants and bars, lots of souvenir shops and a myriad of nightclubs, practically perfect for any type of traveler.

2 – Big Buddha
Photo of CEphoto, Uwe Aranas. In the south of Phuket a huge statue of Buddha rises over the panorama of the peninsula and is clearly visible from different points, for example also from Phuket Town. Precisely in Chalong, the Big Buddha is one of the most loved attractions of the whole Phuket , both by locals and tourists, for its majesty, importance and obviously beauty.
This imposing and elegant 45-meter white statue depicts Buddha in one of his classic poses and stands on the top of a hill from which you can enjoy a 360 ° view of Phuket and several beaches of the south bay , it also belongs to a complex sacred, which also includes a small sanctuary , known by the Thais with the unpronounceable name of Phra Putthamingmongkhol-akenagakhiri.

  • How to get there: usually included in tours of the Phuket peninsula, otherwise it can be reached by taxi at a cost of about 200 baht (about € 5.90) ​​- Get directions
  • Hours: every day from 6:00 to 19:00
  • Ticket cost: free

3 – Khao Phra Thaeo National Park
It is located in the north-west of Phuket and is one of the green parks that line the island . It is home to numerous waterfalls, including Ton Sai, which is easily accessible because it is located near the park entrance. It is possible to make excursions independently, short and easy, of 1 or 2 hours in the forest, or longer, of about 4 hours, with a guide that you can find at the entrance, up to the most spectacular Bang Pae waterfalls. You can visit it for free and you can reach it by taxi at a cost of about 400 baht (about € 11.80) – Get directions.
It is a particularly interesting and fun visit also for children because, inside, this park hosts the Gibbon Rehabilitation Project,, the species of monkeys that unfortunately are often exploited and abused to entertain tourists on the beach. The center takes care of collecting them and giving them the opportunity to return to a peaceful life in contact with nature. It is possible to talk to the volunteers and even interact with the little monkeys.

4 – Sirinat National Park
Photo by Andy Mitchell. Another beautiful and wild park of Phuket is the Sirinat National Park which includes a land area and a marine area for a total of 180 square kilometers, also located in the north of the peninsula. The park includes the beautiful white beaches Hat Nai Thon, Hat Nai Yang, Hat Mai Khao and Hat Sai Kaeo, nesting destinations for sea turtles between November and February, and excellent places to observe the colorful and varied coral reef.
As for the land section, the park includes a small mangrove forest and several tropical trees , home to many species of birds such as the robin, the spotted dove, the oriole and the Asian bluebird. Given the wide offer of the Sirinat park, the activities to be practiced are varied : kayaking, diving, snorkeling, hiking trails and boat rides!

  • How to get there: you can reach it by taxi at a cost of about 400 baht (about € 11.80) – Get directions
  • Hours: every day from 10:00 to 22:00
  • Ticket cost: 200 baht (about € 5.90)

5 – Phang-Nga Bay
Probably such a complex name doesn’t say anything, but if instead we called it James Bond Beach , the famous beach of the famous Hollywood film would surely come back to mind. Phang-Nga Bay is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Thailand and is a must for visitors to Phuket.
Among very high stacks that emerge from the inevitably crystalline waters, white sand, coral reefs, palm trees, rich vegetation, lagoons hiding among the mangroves, this bay is a true paradise of biodiversity and it is impossible not to be fascinated by it . Every day Phang-Nga Bay welcomes many boats full of touristsready to discover the caves, the cliffs, the different landscapes and the seabed which host the rare Dugong.
It is possible to visit it through a fantastic excursion that allows you to stop at the beaches, swim in the blue waters, visit the island of Koh Yao, the island of Nok and Kudu and the floating village of Panyee.

  • How to get there: it can be reached either directly with an organized excursion, or by first taking a taxi and then a boat for a total cost of about 1,500 baht (about € 44.40) – Get directions
  • Hours: always open
  • Ticket cost: free; organized tours start from € 50.00 per person – Book online

6 – Wat Chalong Temple
An unmissable Thai attraction, wherever you are, are the Buddhist temples . In Phuket the most famous and important is Wat Chalong! This temple dates back to 1800 and has a great historical and religious significance for the population .
The complex was in fact built during the reign of King Rama V, a period in which the inhabitants went to the temple to request care and advice. Also inside is a fragment of a Buddha bone .
The entire complex is well-finished and elegant, with refined architectural details such as pieces of colored glass, pagodas and sumptuous decorations. Going up to the top floor of the tallest building, the Chedi, from the terrace you can see the whole temple complex and also the Big Buddha hill.

  • How to get there: you can reach it by taxi or tuk tuk at a cost of about 300 bath (about € 8.90) – Get directions
  • Hours: every day from 7:00 to 17:00
  • Ticket cost: free

7 – Weekend Market
A trip to Thailand can be considered complete only after visiting a local market as it is one of the most renowned destinations in this regard. Obviously Phuket is also equipped with it and the streets used for these noisy, colorful, fragrant and animated markets are many.
In the middle of Phuket Town, the Weekend Market is set up on Sunday, the largest and most popular in the area and the entire peninsula , where you can find, among the countless stalls, whatever you are looking for. From clothes to bags, souvenirs of all kinds, both artisanal and non, we assure you that by bargaining you can make great dealsand take home everything! And, of course, also indulge yourself in tasting the local culinary delicacies offered by the street food stalls.

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  • How to get there: from every corner of the city the best solution is the tuk tuk at a cost of about 30 baht (about € 0.90) – Get directions
  • Hours: open only on Sundays from 15:30 to 22:00
  • Ticket cost: free

8 – Rum Distillery
Not far from the city of Phuket, precisely near Chalong Bay, the Rum Distillery is an unmissable attraction for anyone , whether you are a lover of this delicious alcoholic drink or you are simply interested in learning about local products.
This place will open the doors to a world made of sugar cane , hard work and years of experience to be able to produce an award-winning and world-renowned product.. The owners Marine and Thibault will welcome you directly, who will gladly show you the production departments, the cellar and the restaurant, giving you the opportunity to choose between a 30-minute guided tour with mojito tasting, an experience of 2 hours with a visit and cocktail workshop, or simply a dinner with food paired with various rums.

  • How to get there: reachable by taxi or tuk tuk at a cost of about 150 baht (about € 4.40) – Get directions
  • Hours: every day from 11:00 to 23:00
  • Ticket price: 30-minute visit 450 baht (approximately € 13.30); 2-hour visit 1,700 baht (approximately € 50.30)

9 – Phuket Seashell Museum
Photo by Amada44. In the south of Phuket there is an interesting natural-themed museum that exhibits the largest collection of shells in Southeast Asia : the Phuket Seashell Museum! It is managed by a family passionate about the shell theme, which over the years has committed itself to collect the large number of specimens exhibited in the museum, of all types, of all sizes and colors.
This museum can only leave you enchanted by the extraordinary variety it displays and by the information shown next to each single shell. In short, a truly colorful and particular place, especially appreciated by children !

  • How to get there: reachable by taxi at a cost of about 400 baht (about € 11.80) – Get directions
  • Hours: every day from 9:00 to 17:30
  • Ticket cost: 200 baht (about € 5.90)

10 – Phuket Fantasea
Photo by Maksim Ulitin. What a trip it would be without a pinch of adventure and fun
Phuket Fantasea is the largest theme park on the peninsula that combines Thai culture and entertainment attracting thousands of tourists every year.
Inside the park there are various attractions and games suitable for all ages, from children to more adults, and of course there is no shortage of refreshment points and stalls for shopping. The flagship of the park is the Las Vegas-style dance, music and light show that takes place with acrobats, dancers, actors and the participation of elephants with whom some of the traditional Thai legends are scripted .

  • How to get there: reachable by taxi at a cost of about 400 baht (about € 11.80) – Get directions
  • Hours: open from Friday to Wednesday from 17:30 to 23:30
  • Ticket price: show only 1,800 baht (approximately € 53.30); show and dinner with buffet 2,200 baht (about € 65.20)

11 – Patong Beach
Photo by jbremer57. Crowded, noisy and chaotic, Patong Beach is a place you will love or hate . The 3.5 kilometer long beach is one of the most famous in Phuket for its services and the many activities it offers and is characterized by white sand and crystal clear waters. It is located on the central west coast of Phuket, in the Kathu district, 40 km from the international airport, and can be reached by taxi (about 235 Baht, € 7.00).
During the day you can indulge in long swims and relaxation on the beach while in the evening you can go wild in parties, dancing in its lively nightlife . The northern part, however, is quieter, less crowded and the sea water is clearer and more transparent.

12 – Freedom Beach
Belonging to the Meridine Phuket hotel, it is a semi-private beach which, however, if reached by sea, can be accessible to everyone . Characterized by soft white sand, crystal clear sea and an uncontaminated environment, ideal for relaxing away from the chaos .
Despite its proximity to Patong, silence reigns here and you can stay until you are tired. There are few essential services on the beach and for this reason you will never find crowds of people. It is located in Patong, in the Kathu Distric, on the central west coast and can be reached in 20 minutes by boat from Patong (cost of 1200 Baht per boat, about € 35.00) – Get directions

13 – Paradise Beach
Photo of Lofor. This place, although not far from Patong, is rather quiet and the beach is easily reached thanks to the paved road. Consisting of two small sandy bays with blue water, soft sand and coconut palms, surrounded by a green hill, it has changed a lot in recent years but still remains a wonderful place.
You will find plenty of deck chairs, bars, restaurants, restaurants, shops and on full moon nights it hosts parties that go on until the following morning . It is located on the central west coast, near Patong, and can be reached by sea by taxi boat – Get directions

14 – Kata Noi Beach
This beach is aexcellent compromise for those seeking relaxation but at the same time do not want to be completely isolated . Perfect for those who want to swim and sunbathe, and also ideal for families with children.
Characterized by white sand and incredibly clear blue waters even during the high season, and relatively quiet as there is little to do besides the two resorts present. However, there is no shortage of small restaurants, minimarkets, massages and bars that allow you to have the essentials.
It is perfect for families and for swimming thanks to the sloping seabed, here you can also take a nice walk on the sand or an excursion to the beautiful cove of Nui Beach. It is located on the south west coast and can be reached by taxi – Get directions

15 – Promthep Cape, Karon and Windmill View Point
Photo by celebrityabc. To the south of the island of Phuket there are beautiful views to admire. Here the sunsets are truly unique.

Promthep Cape is considered to be probably the most beautiful landscape in Phuket . On this promontory overlooking the sea there are also particularly windy beaches, even on the hottest days, therefore perfect for surfing ! But of course the main attraction is the sunset, which attracts many tourists every day.
Not far away there are other spectacular viewpoints. Among these we mention Karon View Point which is located to the north, returning to Phuket Town, or the Windmill View Point, less touristy than the other two but just as spectacular.

16 – Kamala, Rawai and other beaches
In the list of things to see in Phuket other beaches must be mentioned, perhaps less known, but just as spectacular. The first is Kamala Beach : it is located about 10 km north of Patong Beach, but it is totally different, from here you can admire the coral reef, a few meters from the beach.

Nai Harn invce is located under Patong, on the southern tip of the island, and characterized by soft golden sand, in an unspoiled and secluded area, mostly frequented by locals. In the bay of Ao Sane, beyond the right side of the beach, there are many tropical fish and corals.

Rawai, and characterized by a landscape surrounded by palm trees. Here it is possible to visit the village of the “sea gypsies”, that is the minority of nomadic fishermen of Malay origin present on the island.
Finally we mention two beaches within the Nai Yang National Park , the homonymous Nai Yang Beach and Mai Khao, here during the dry season (between October and February) the turtles lay their eggs.

17 – Phi Phi Islands
During a holiday in Phuket you cannot miss an excursion to the Phi Phi islands. There are numerous tours to choose from, you can simply take the ferry to Kho Phi Phi, the main island, and then move from there to explore it,which can take you to the most interesting points of the entire Phi Phi archipelago.
Among these, for example, the viewpoint of Phi Phi Don, or the magnificent Maya Bay where the famous film The Beach was filmed , on the island of Phi Phi Leh. There is also Bamboo Island, a little external compared to the others, but really beautiful: it is a stop on some tours, especially the private ones with transfer by speedboat. Phi Phi is an excursion that is not easily forgotten , however the islands are quite wild and not suitable for everyone, but certainly perfect for sports and adventure lovers.

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What to do in Phuket: excursions and tours

How much does a holiday in Phuket cost
Prices, offers and advice

The cost of living is much lower than in Italy . If you choose Patong as a location, the costs will probably be slightly higher, but on average you can dine in a local inexpensive restaurant for around € 2.00 and in a luxury one for around € 20.00.
As for transport, a ticket on public transport costs on average less than € 1.00, as well as 1 km by taxi. You can find many convenient flight + hotel offers (example: in June, a week in a 4/5 star hotel on the beaches, hotel + flight from Rome for about € 900.00 per person; in January the same offer is around € 1.100 per person).

  • Where to sleep: Hotels and b & b in Patong from € 22.00 per room – see the offers
  • Low cost flights: from € 419.53 – look at the offers
  • Flight + hotel: return flight + 7 nights from € 720.00 per person – see the offers

Pictures and videos of Phuket
Kamala Beach, Phuket
Boats in Koh Phi Phi
Rawai Beach, Phuket
Kata Beach, Phuket
Khao Lak Beach, Phuket
Koh Phi Phi Leh
Koh Phi Phi
Maya Bay (Koh Phi Phi Don), The Beach
Nai Yang Beach, Phuket
Patong Beach
Phang Nga Bay
Phi Phi Islands Phi Phi Islands
Boat Tour
Windmill Viewpoint, Phuket

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