How nice to have lunch outdoors, spend moments of tranquility sipping a drink or a coffee in the company of friends, family, or simply a good book. It is also possible at home, when an apartment has a more or less large terrace. But on midsummer days the sun makes the air, surfaces and floors hot, while in winter the temperatures are hostile. How to live the outdoor space of a home all year round
There are pergolas for terraces , in wood , aluminum or pvc , which protect from summer light and rain, and bioclimatic pergolas , which make the outdoor space comfortable. also open in winter.
In this article, we give indications on the different types of terrace pergola and which one to choose according to your needs. Configuration of the pergola for terrace: which one to choose
The pergolas in wood, aluminum or PVC can be structured and mounted in different ways. In fact, depending on the space available, your desires and needs, it is possible to create a suspended pergola , leaning against the wall, inclined, or self-supporting. Therefore, when choosing a pergola, both the material and the shape of the structure must be considered. A suspended canopy protects against bad weather and the sun, but it almost feels like it’s not there. Give the feeling of being free in the open air, in complete serenity, without suffering the intense radiation of the summer months, or the atmospheric agents of bad weather. A self-supporting and perfect pergola in a large garden. It welcomes family and guests for a carefree lunch or dinner among the scents of grass, flowers and the charm of a pleasant breeze. Wooden pergolas: quality and beauty of a natural material
Wooden pergolas are the most requested. The shades and grain of the material make these structures particularly beautiful. They always appear in harmony with nature. They add an extra touch of atmosphere to a terrace and accentuate the charm of a garden. The design of modern glulam pergolasand light, airy, minimalist and elegant. These are long-lasting products that have been subjected to specific treatments to resist atmospheric agents. Whether they are self-supporting or leaning against a wall, they can include side closures along the perimeter: curtains, panels, windbreaks, windows. Compared to aluminum pergolas, they are more expensive and require more frequent and accurate maintenance. Aluminum pergolas: futuristic and resistant
Steel pergolas are resistant, but they have a drawback: considerable weight. On the other hand, aluminum pergolas are very popular, sober, light and resistant. They have a modern, even futuristic design, and are the ideal solution to combine with a house with lines that reflect contemporary taste. The strength of these structures is their durability: a pergola made of aluminum is practically eternal. In addition, it requires very little maintenance: just periodically clean the surface to remove the external oxidation layer. The material is ductile and workable with ease: so the shapes of an aluminum gazebo or pergola can be customized according to every desire and need. The bioclimatic pergola: what it is and how it works
If you feel the desire to use the outdoor spaces of your home even in winter, a bioclimatic pergola representsthe genius who fulfills it. But what is it about
What is a bioclimatic pergola and how it works
It is a pergola with a very special feature: the cover is made up of motorized louvers that can be adjusted as desired depending on how much light and air you want to let through. The electrically operated slats can be closed completely to prevent rain or snow from passing through. A structure of this type is suitable for both a terrace and a garden. There are also bioclimatic pergolas that can be closed laterally with different systems. Like traditional pergolas, they are available both as self-supporting constructions and as frames set against the house. How to choose a bioclimatic pergola: keep an eye on energy saving
To understand how to choose a bioclimatic pergola, it is necessary to clarify what all its advantages are. In fact, the cover with motorized slats not only transforms an outdoor space and makes it always usable, but it can also help in energy saving . This aspect makes the difference if you have to decide between a self-supporting structure or one leaning against the building. In the second case, the bioclimatic pergola leaning against the wall of the house affects the internal temperature: it helps to keep the rooms cooler in summer, reducing the use of air conditioners and cooling systems. In short, a bioclimatic pergola sometimes becomes a helper for energy saving. Gazebo: which one to choose
A self-supporting pergola creates an external space separated from the house, livable as if it were an extra room, surrounded by greenery and the chirping of birds. If to be more beautiful the home garden is clamoring for a gazebo , which one to choose among the many on the market
There are light and resealable structures, as well as more sophisticated garden furniture that can be closed at the sides to protect themselves from the wind. Again, the materials to choose from are wood and aluminum, natural beauty or more technological beauty. Permits from the Municipality of residence are not required for the installation of self-supporting pergolas and gazebos, but it is necessary to comply with any regulations of the condominium on the aesthetic characteristics of the external covers.The lighting of pergolas and gazebos
But when it gets dark, it is done under pergolas and gazebos
You have to give up the summer chill of the evening and night
For romantics and romantics, there are good old candles that make the atmosphere more suggestive. However , technology allows more comfortable solutions to enjoy a terrace or a garden even after sunset. In modern aluminum or laminated wood pergolas, LEDs can be integrated along the perimeter and in the pergola curtains along the front profile. Recessed Led spotlights are perfect for bioclimatic pergolas . Pergolas for terraces: the necessary permits
In the construction of pergolas for terraces, permits are always necessary
. Let’s clarify when the authorization of the Municipality of residence is needed , and when, on the other hand, it is possible to proceed freely. Authorization from the institutions is always required when the pergola for terrace or garden constitutes a fixed structure, not easily removable. If a stable protected environment is created with the installation of the cover for outdoor spaces, it is necessary to comply with the laws of urban planning. Conversely, if the pergola is made up of uprights to hold sheets, curtains, plants, or covers that can easily be removed, no permits are required. What is a terrace pergola?
There are hybrid solutions to cover an external space of the house, without the need to install structures or request permits. And the case of the pergotenda, a terrace or garden furniture with a half-caste soul, a little pergola, a little shed, a little protective fabric. But what exactly is a pergola for terrace
It is a retractable awning fixed by elements anchored to the walls of the building and to the floor of the terrace. To insert a pergotenda in the external space of your home, you do not need permits from the institutions. However, it is always necessary to refer to the condominium rules, which may include some limitations. Pergola for terrace: which one to choose
The structures that support and anchor a pergola for terrace or garden are made of wood or aluminum. Therefore, also in this case, in the choice it is good to identify which are the priorities: the natural beauty or the advantage of not foreseeing many maintenance interventions. The preference goes to a structure in harmony with a rustic style and with nature, or a furniture that does not require particular maintenance , minimalist and contemporary.Before
buying a pergola, you must consider the space available in which it is to be inserted and the orientation of the sun’s rays with respect to the structure. In fact, it is the position of the sun with respect to the building during the hot hours that determines where the pergotenda is mounted and what characteristics it must have.

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