Paz Padilla has two reasons to feel happy and satisfied this Wednesday. She has just presented her first book, El humor de mi vida , in which she recounts her love story with her husband, Antonio Juan Vidal, who died last July due to cancer. In addition, it also occupies the cover of the magazine Hello!with an interview and a photographic report in which she talks about her experience as the companion of a dying person, without skipping the hardest moments, nor the funniest with the man who has been her life.
The humor of my life reviews his history since 1983, when he met Antonio Juan Vidal at the age of 14and they were boyfriends, until his death in 2020, going through their breakup in 1994 when she began her career in the world of television and went to Madrid and the second chance they gave each other in 2012 . Padilla has captured in this work of hers her particular way of facing the adversities that 2020 brought her, the death of her husband and also that of her mother, Dolores, just a few months before, and that of her mother-in-law her.
Meditation, sports and the peculiar way of seeing life and death that the presenter of Salvame has, supported by the expert doctor in palliative care Enric Benito, made Paz Padilla have an image quite different from the usual one of a disconsolate widow.
My mission was to help him dieand give him love of the purest in these last few months”, declared the Cadiz woman. ” If Antonio has left me with something, it is not being afraid of death . He would have been afraid at first, but he learned to know himself and take love with him”.
The comedian learned to “live here and now” and felt very happy despite his tragedies, something that humor also helped him with: “Once He told me that he had stopped seeing out of one eye, and I told him that it was better, that I was very ugly and that way he would get rid of seeing me”.
At the presentation of her book, held at Madrid’s Teatro Principe Pio, Paz Padilla was attended by numerous friends and colleagues. Xoan Viqueira, David Valldeperas, Raul Prieto, the architect Joaquin Torres, the actor Nacho Guerreros, Jesus Manuel and, of course, her daughter Anna Ferrer.
In said act, she clarified the controversy over her trip to Zahara de los Atunes during Easter: “I think that people do not understand that disaster. I am a businesswoman, I have a rural house in Girona, I have a restaurant in Madrid, a shop that I open at Easter… I go with my safe-conduct,” he explained. “People can give their opinion from the outside, they can judge me, but I think we all have to reflect.We cannot judge others or put labels on them without knowing them or knowing the personal circumstances of each one.I am very calm”, she concluded.

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