Enjoying food and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not at odds. For this reason, La Gran Familia Mediterranea has a new member: Paula Ordovas . The influencer, who inspires with her healthy lifestyle, joins chef Dani Garcia’s multi-order service to offer a healthy, cool and delicious proposal with dishes with high nutritional value and surprising flavours.
For more than half a year, thousands of people decide to share daily and enjoy around the table with the wide variety of dishes from La Gran Familia Mediterranea. With this new proposal, Dani Garcia wanted to work on different types of foodso that meetings, those that we like, with family or friends, are a success. A new formula that Paula Ordovas joins and that will conquer the members of the fittest “family” and who enjoy the healthiest proposals .
As the title of his book Says, Eat pretty and train sexy , this new line of La Gran Familia Mediterranea will be the perfect ally to enjoy attractive dishes and not leave aside a healthy lifestyle and is a perfect complement for workouts . Thus, the community of her followers, who as she calls “the unicorn team” will enjoy this new project from their homes with just one click.
In this new menu from La Gran Familia Mediterranea we find perfect starters to share such as rainbow hummus, three versions of hummus accompanied by crudites and rolls for dipping or a light tropical prawn tartar made with mango, avocado and tomato , as well as an aubergine babaganoush roasted with quinoa, kale and almond cream under the name Deli Aubergine and the incredible GuacaDream, a guacamole accompanied by stracciatella, sunflower seeds, edamame and nachos. So, Paula Ordovas gets into the kitchen with this new project.

Estrella Galicia, committed to sustainability


The Galician beer Estrella Galicia launches its new image and packaging on the marketmore sustainable. The most emblematic brand of the company, Hijos de Rivera, updates its brand image and introduces important innovations in its packaging with the aim of reducing its carbon footprint and increasing the circularity of materials , as part of its commitment to positive impact and sustainability. .
The new design, which will be present from this June in all formats of the Estrella Galicia family, is based on a review of the current brand image (2006) in which the brewing company recovers the original design of the present star on your first tag.
A new image through which the brand seeks to differentiate itself and surprise its consumers, as well as strengthen its artisan character in its resistance against the standardization of beer. But above all, with this design, Estrella Galicia seeks not only to update itself, but also to be more respectful of the environment. For this reason, the brand has introduced important innovations in its packaging that allow it to substantially reduce its carbon footprint and be more sustainable.
Among the different measures adopted, the reduction of glass in its bottles by 12% stands out , avoiding the generation of almost 10,000 tons of waste in its production and the replacement of the paper of all its labels with white paper certified with the FSC seal. Along with this, all Estrella Galicia cans are made of aluminum, an infinitely recyclable metal, which also has the Meta Recycles Forever seal.
The firm, which has never before used plastic rings for grouping cans, uses 50% recycled plastic in the shrink-wrapping of its packs and in the 24-can tray format and allocates 100% of the cardboard waste generated in its manufactures to produce its own boxes and trays. With all this, Hijos de Rivera estimates to reduce its carbon footprint by 9,000 tons of CO2 .

Marbore Cuvee, a most unique

wine Vinos

Bodega Pirineos, founder of the DO Somontano, takes a new leap forward with the presentation of its new Premium wine Marbore Cuvee . Are6,000 numbered bottles from the 2018 vintage with the winery’s clear purpose of continuing to be a benchmark in highly exceptional Premium wines from the Somontano PDO . The presentation of this new wine is the result of the continuous work of the winery and responding to a vision of the future.

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