He goes down proud and proud through the streets of Palermo , stops in the historic Vucciria market , talks to the rosanero fans and shows his new, latest, tattoo , the 1979 Palermo Calcio logo. A stylized black eagle with a pink scarf . Below the left nipple. It should be tattoo number 60 of him, but who knows.

Paul Baccaglini is an unknown factor. From the first days of March and the new president of Palermo and in itself it would already be great news: Maurizio Zamparini , after a hegemony of 15 years (the longest presidency in Palermo history), has exonerated himself.
Yes, because as a good coach-eater , with him at the head of the club there were 46 bench changes , nine in the 2015-2016 season alone. In the whirlwind of changes, however, Zamparini will also be remembered as the president who managed to bring Palermo to Serie A and keep it, making Barbera experience great emotions.

Paul Baccaglini is the new President, the press release https://t.co/lxtURH8Q6i pic.twitter.com/7AmCMTMc7N
– US Citta di Palermo (@palermocalcioit) March 6, 2017

But with more than one step, now, in Serie B , and with a season that will be remembered with a smile for the sympathetic exchange of sympathy between the Sicilian company and the Force India Formula 1 team, Palermo fans would like to have certainties and confirmations on the new presidency and on a very particular character . His colorful curriculum oscillates between entertainment, TV and studies: Paul is a 33-year-old Italian-American born and raised in America by an American father and an Italian mother.
He arrived in Italy when he was 15, following his mother who had separated from her husband, he finished his studies and then found himself first on the radio at Rtl 102.5 then on television at Italia 1 , dressed in total black as an uncomfortable character of ” The Hyenas “ .
Here he met the Sicilian Pifand always in the entertainment world he met his current partner, the Brazilian ex-velina Thais . Also for this reason she has a Brazilian flag tattooed on her chest with the words “obrigado” (thank you). Sport entered his life as a kid playing basketball in Padua even at moderate levels.

He is young, quite crazy and a dreamer , he can give the right adrenaline to bring rosanero football out of the quagmire. He seems to have clear ideas: new stadium, new sports center and competition for start-ups .

But it’s just smoke in the eyesBaccaglini has been defined as an entrepreneur, but little or nothing filters out who is behind his back in the acquisition of Palermo. He is co-founder of Integritas Capital , an investment fund, whose site is confidential and can only be consulted by invitation. The company has been inactive since 30 November 2015 with £ 1,000 in capital . Zamparini also thinks to increase the haze, who did not want to reveal the amount paid out by the buyers to buy the company and a press release from Palermo itself which in comparison the well-known and famous supercazzola of Amici My is self-evident:
Integritas Capital is a fund that in less than five years has established itself as a ’boutique investment solution’ with clients all over the world. Initially he dedicated himself to asset management and wealth management by diversifying the portfolio of his clients on low and medium risk strategies spread over equity, futures and options. From this base, the fund has expanded its solutions to corporate re-capitalization and private equity up to venture capital investments. The goal was to identify opportunities in liquid markets and capitalize on the ‘re-adjustment’ of
Boh prices. It must be said that Baccaglini and Zamparini met last year when the ex-Venice patron was in talks with Frank Cascio , among other things manager ofMichael Jackson . Paul acted as an intermediary, but the matter faded to nothing. Now the ex-Hyena has returned to the fierce charge.
In short, there is no shortage of humor, self-irony and a desire to do well in Paul who is called to give answers to the many questions and uncertainties. After the 4-0 scoppola against Milan and the grooming of the Baccaglini team, he exonerated the coach Diego Lopez by entrusting the bench to Diego Bortoluzzi: Paul will not want to emulate Zamparini

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