Patrick Zaki will still have to wait, at least until April 6th.
The long-awaited hearing, which took place quickly today in a few minutes and behind closed doors, ended in a stalemate. It was to be expected, the lawyer had said it yesterday, but the thread of bitterness remains for what seems to be an endless story.
“We hope that something good will happen on April 6, since I want to be back in Bologna as soon as possible”: Patrick Zaki told reporters near the Mansura Palace of Justice. “I think they are trying to take time for the final decision, then we will see what happens,” he added, implicitly referring to the single judge and other Egyptian officials. A few hours before the trial
Shortly before entering the courtroom Patrick had entrusted the agency Dire with his cautious optimism: “I have no guarantees on the final decision, in these cases I always try to remain optimistic. Of course I hope it goes well”. Words said a few on the return of the researcher inside the walls of the Mansoura courtroom, the same seen up to two months ago from behind bars where, according to the Egyptian rite, the accused sit in front of the judge.
According to what was immediately learned from internal diplomatic sources, the hearing was held behind closed doors, therefore only the accused and the lawyers were present. There are diplomats from Italy, Belgium, Germany, the USA and Spain on the spot.
After 22 months in which the renewal of pre-trial detention had to be established or not at each hearing, this time there could finally be the decisive turning point towards freedom, as her lawyer Hoda Nasrallah had declared but which, however, had not excluded the possibility that everything ends with a new postponement. “If the prosecution authorizes the lawyers to assist you, they will make their speeches and ask for a sentence.” If there is no sentence, explained the lawyer of the student of the University of Bologna, then “a another date to render the sentence itself and conclude this trial. ”And that’s exactly how it went. The hopes and the return to Piazza Maggiore in Bologna
In a video by Ansa Zaki yesterday he confirmed that he wanted to return to Italy: “Immediately after (the sentence ed) I will try to return to Bologna, I hope very soon. I will go first to Piazza Maggiore and then to the university”. A very strong bond, the one with the university and the Emilian city which in recent years have not lacked their support for the student of Egyptian origin. Just yesterday Patrick tweeted: “Whatever happens, I will always be grateful to my hometown, my university and my big family for all this support.” In short, we will have to wait and who knows for how long.
Taking advantage of the period of freedom, once he returned to his family and his girlfriend Zaki he meanwhile resumed his studies, taking the first exam last Friday (“History of women’s movements in modern Italy”) and the last one needed to complete the first year. of the master. “He made me very happy”, he confided, “It was wonderful to be able to do it, to be able to resume the path of the Master and devote myself to books after a long time. A fantastic moment “.

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